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Reviewed by Cat Man Zoop, Well with a name like that you know that it is gonna be Strane (with a capital "S"), But what you might know is that it is puzzle/thinking game, But it is also fast paced (weird huh??). So a Strange named puzzle/thinking game that is fast paced and very bright colors (talk about strange games). So if you like strange puzzle/thinking games then buy this game because you will like it.

Graphics 5 out of 5

The things in the video game are all simple shapes so the graphics are great as far as looking like what they are supposed to. Yet the shapes are so simple that the grade of the graphics should be low so well I don't know what to do about that. So I will just say stuff about the graphics and tell you to go rent the game and decide what you think. Ok nice argument style. The shapes look exactly like there supposed to. But those shapes are so simple that a ten year old with a ruler and cup could draw. And I like the colors they are nice and BRIGHT I like bright colors. But the bright colors will distract you from your goal. So that is kinda the point to make you lose you consintraction.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Cool music and lots of buzzing and sproinging. I like buzzing and sproinging. So what you have is cool music and simple sounds (that go good with the colors) And that is about all as I can say about the sounds except that they are cool.

Game Challenge 45 out of 50

Yes it is a very very hard game, But it is a very very fun game. What makes the game so hard is the fact that you have a square in the center of the board and these thing are coming at you from all sides (to play this game you HAVE to have a Color TV) that are different colors and your piece has to be the same color as the piece that you hit (to change colors you just hit a piece that is a different color than you). So what you have got to do is hit the right pieces and knock out enough pieces to advance to the next level (there about 12 levels). So the game is hard.

Game Play-Fun 48 out of 50

Talk about fun you have fast paced puzzle/thinking game with bright colors I think that is fun. And it is also one of those types that you can play for a wile and then quit for a long time and never forget how to play unlike some of those other puzzle/thinking games (like intelligent qube for the Sony PSX) and did i mention the fact you can play the game for a long time not get bored for hours. So yes it is a very fun game


Frustration. Yes most defiantly frustrating (but fun). How frustrating? So frustrating that you want to go after it with the BFG 9000 (if you are a DOOM fan) or the Devistater (if you are a Duke Nukem fan)or any other massive death gun (from any other violent video games) yet you always keep playing no matter how frustrating it gets (it's like addicting).

Replayability 5 out of 6

No save feature or passwords so you have to beat it in one shot or never beat it, but it is fairly easy to replay over and over again.

Game Value 10 out of 10

For me at least I got it for free (for a holiday) but my parents paid $5.00 for it so it was worth the price. I think that it is worth about 15.00 to 25.00 so it worth the price new or used so go buy this game it is most defiantly worth the price.

Violence 0 out of 100

There is more violence in "Barny adventures in happy land" (well I don't think that that game really exists and if it dose I have not played it but that was a good example for a peaceful game). So for an age raiting is 3 years to an old geezer.

Overall 48 out of 50

Fun game, bright colors, easy to play over and over again and even nice music. I like it it is a good game and it is fairly challenging so if you buy this game you will be addicted to it forever and ever.I think that I would give it an A+.

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