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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

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Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is basically a modified version of Mortal Kombat 3. New characters/moves/fatalities are most of the modifications. But UMK3 also takes away some elements from MK3, and this I believe is very damaging and harmful to the game...

Graphics C+

UMK3's graphics are mostly plain and boring. The backgrounds in the game are unimaginative and dull and the fatalities are cheesy and repetitive. The look of the characters in the game is about the only good aspect of the game graphically (even though many of the characters were palette swaps). They look very realistic and move quickly and smoothly. But these good points do not make up for the lousy backgrounds and the unrealistic fatalities. I counted a total of only 7 backgrounds in the game even MK3 had more backgrounds than that! Also, two of these backgrounds were taken straight out of MK3! The fatalities were plain and stupid here is a description of one of Reptile's fatalities: ...Reptile uncovers his mask and reveals his lizard-like head. He rolls out his tongue and then eats his opponent section by section starting with the head, then the upper body. When this happens, the hands of the opponent remain suspended in midair along with the uneaten portion of the opponent. Lastly, Reptile eats the lower body along with the "floating" hands, but leaves the opponent's feet behind the fatality ends... Were the "floating" hands an intentional feature of UMK3? I don't know, but it makes UMK3 look like a piece of junk. Several other fatalities were just as or more dumb than this one. Furthermore, many of the characters did not even have any fatalities at all! Sometimes the screen freezes/pauses when you're trying to perform one! In conclusion, UMK3's graphics are average and have many problems.

Music and Sound B-

The music and sound in UMK3 is "okay" MK3's is better. The death screams in UMK3 sound fake (especially Liu Kang's), and some sound effects are missing (such as when Jax does a ground slam) One interesting thing about UMK3 is that is contains (I believe) all of MK3's sounds and music. Just enter the sound test screen through the use of a code, and you'll find all those familiar songs from MK3. None of these sounds though, are used in the actual gameplay.

Game Challenge C+

(rating for game play-fun and replayability is the same as game challenge. I combined them all into "Gameplay") Gameplay in UMK3, like graphics in UMK3 is "average". The game becomes boring after experimenting with each character, and winning the game is pretty easy. It also does not really matter if you're a novice or a master when you choose to battle the computer. You'll just fight more people if you're a master! The ending is the same with both of them. The game is more fun if you play with another person (ex. a friend, cousin, or sibling), but even if you do, it will still become boring after a while.


Most of my frustration appears when a bug occurs in the gameplay, and other than that, the computer often does these really annoying combos (but it's fun to use combos against the computer =) !)

Game Value F

Why did I EVER buy UMK3 for over $50?! (Not to mention, It might have been USED since I bought it at Funcoland!) It was a complete rip off! Some price in the thirties/forties would have been perfect! I really want to get RID of it! Anyone want to buy it for $50?! Please?! Hey, if you think it's worth $50 to get one, then ignore all my comments above!

Overall C+

I give UMK3 a "C+" overall. This is mainly because of the numerous bugs in the game. Two I have not yet mentioned are found when using Mileena. When Mileena executes her victory pose, she holds two golden fans in her hands for a brief second, and when Mileena does a midair sai throw, the game sometimes pauses and or crashes. I believe the makers of UMK3 could have done better if they tested UMK3 more and put more thought into it. This game simply wasn't very good because they did not, so I really want to sell off the UMK3 that I had bought.

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