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True Lies

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Reviewed by David Ruocco I'm never thrilled when I receive a movie tie-in game to review, but True Lies is a big surprise. It's a lot of fun! Melbourne's very own Beam software has done a fabulous job converting all the action sequences from the movie into the game. The action follows the movie closely, with a few extra levels thrown in for good measure. The game is a top-down shoot-'em-up adventure, sort of like Commando with mission briefings or the on-foot sections of Urban Strike. You control Harry Tasker (Arnie) and begin where the film does - in a Swiss chateau. Harry has to connect a modem to a PC in order to get information on bad-boy Crimson Jihad. To get to the computer, Harry must terminate lots of baddies but avoid popping any of the waiters or party guests. After downloading the information, it's time to get out of the chateau and head down the slopes towards your buddy Gib (Tom Arnold) who is waiting in a nearby truck. Tom gives you instructions as you complete each mission, and unfortunately isn't afraid to give the odd sarcastic wisecrack as well. Next comes the mall (watch out for the shoppers), the park, the subway, docklands, China, and the refinery. Then the actions really hots up, with the exciting battle at Florida Keys complete with Harrier jet, and the final confrontation with Jihad in a city office building. In all levels, Arnie has to find certain items, battle armed hoodlums, and pick up enough ammo, weapons and medikits to escape alive. Weapons range from puny pistols to powerful shotguns and awesome grenades. The controls are excellent and make the game a pleasure to play. The best addition is a diving forward roll. It's great fun getting Arnie to escape from a tight spot with a roll and come up firing. With detailed graphics, plenty of levels and lots of variety, True Lies should keep action fans happy for a long time.

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