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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters

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Reviewed by Adam Norfleet The story starts with all the Ninja turtles sitting a room watching the television. After a while a commercial comes on about a fighting tournament about to take place, and the winner of the tournament will receive a ridiculously large sum of money. A picture comes up showing the contestants of the tournament and shredders picture comes up. The turtles suspect something fishy, anytime shredder does something it cant be good. All of them decide to join in on the tournament to test their skills and prove they are the best fighters in the world. Also to get money. This game was surprisingly well done, i didn't quite expect this kind of quality game from Konami. We all know that anytime a fighting game is derived from a TV show or a movie it will stink most of the time. The worst of all time is double dragon 5 the shadow falls. This was the last great game before the turtles went into retirement from showbiz. This game was totally unexpected and it made the turtles look meaner and more tougher than before. This is loaded with awesome features like a speed control that lets you hype up the fighters speed, a story mode witch you can only use the four turtles for, and all contestants have the ability to do a super move that inflicts a lot of damage on your adversaries. The control setting seemed a little awkward for me the first time played it, i guess its because i got used to the Street Fighter button configuration, but that wasn't a problem at all. You have a choice to pick from 10 playable character along with 2 hidden ones. The characters include War, a primitive dinosaur looking creature who can jump incredibly high, Aska a female martial artist, Chrome Dome, a robot created by Krang to destroy the turtles, Armaggon, a tall shark with human features, Wing Nut, a crazy flying mutant who enters the tournament just for the fun of fighting (Also my favorite person to fight with),Everyone's favorite villain that we all love to hate, Cyber Shredder and of course the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This game is both fun and challenging and is fun for everyone to play.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The games graphics couldn't have gotten any better for this game, everything fit in perfectly. Konami did a good job animating the characters of the game, giving the a real cartoon feel to it. The super moves all of the characters perform are smoothly done without any freezing or hesitation. Even though i don't look at the games graphics that much i would still have to say that this fighting game has the graphics to compete with the best like Street Fighter. I also liked the way they made the turtles look kind of dark and shady with the all white pupils and their new street tough attitudes. The Super NES version in my opinion is the best one of all of the systems because of the fast pace action and the good graphics. If you a great display of graphics check out Leonardo's ultimate attack, it is one of the most lethal if used at the right moment.

Music and Sound 6 out of 10

Konami could have used just a little bit of a change in there style of music in this TMNT game. Some of the music is really great like Shredders theme music but I can't take the music when you fight against the Rat King in the channel 6 news room, it sounds like a circus instead fighting music. Other than that the music sounds exactly like the music in turtles in time and even turtles 3 for the NES. The games sound is totally different. All of the voices are done well. None of them are muffled and are clear as a bell. I love smashing my opponent with a move that scores multiple hits and listening to the sound of the blows rain down on them.

Game Challenge 4 out of 10

One problem with this game is that you probably beat it with all of the characters in one day. The hardest part of the game is the final boss who wont even show up unless you have the difficulty level up enough. I have to admit that sometimes fighting on the story mode is kind of hard because you are confined to battle with only four characters and you are stripped of your ultimate attacks(bumber). I believe that there is a code to get your attacks on the story mode though.

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 10

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters provides you with smooth and very responsive gameplay and allows you to execute your characters special moves with ease. Some of the characters moves seem very complex and hard to do, like War's headstomp, Chrome dome's piledriver and Rat King's rat bomber. Most of the time I just forget about those moves and fight with the basic maneuvers. Like almost all games, this game is more fun playing with 2 or more people. Another great fun factor about this game is the speed control. If you think the game moves too slow for ya then you can pick it up a bit by 6 levels. That should add a little fun to this game. Again it is always fun to see your favorite heroes on the screen beating the crap out each other.........isn't it?


Due to the easiness of this game, the only real frustration of this game is the final boss of the game, Karai. He somehow is Shredder evil master and he is total pain in the due-dah fighting this guy on the normal level gives me a headache. He is faster than lightening, his moves are unbelievably powerful and his power meter can fill up after he nails with about two of his flying punch attacks. Rat King can be a nuisance sometimes too but his slowness is his weakness. Try fighting Rat King with Wing Nut and I usually take care of Karia by using Chrome Dome or Armaggon, because their jump kick and trip combinations work best.

Replayability 4 out of 10

Like all fighting one on one fighting games, there is only a matter of time before you get tired of fighting around the same old guys and seeing the same old lame ending they gave the characters. And these endings couldn't have possibly been any lamer. I am the type that can play games over and over again, but this game for some reason is starting to bore me.

Background fighting scenes 6 out of 10

I decided to add this section to my review because i feel that the backgrounds are very important to the game. I have noticed that in most fighting games, the characters background is related to that character in some way or reflects something about that character. It seems like all of the turtles are in odd or strange places. I would expect to see at least one background in which you fight in a sewer, but there isn't one. Why is Raphael fighting in a cafeteria? And why is Donetello in a junk yard?

Overall 41 out of 70

What this game comes down to is another Street Fighter want to be. It seems like Capcom took everybody's ideas before they got to use them. I loved playing this game for the thought of fighting Turtle against Turtle, but the feeling died away quickly because it just seemed too easy to be beaten. If you really want to find out about this game go rent it. I don't think its something you would want to buy though.

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