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Tetris & Dr. Mario

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Reviewed by Garrett Martinez Tetris. Dr. Mario. Combine the two and what do you get? THE TWO BIGGEST, MOST ORIGINAL PUZZLES IN THE UNIVERSE, ALL IN ONE SUPER NES PIECE OF SILICON AND PLASTIC! Seriously. Not only do you get it separate, but you also get a 2 player game of the original Tetris(Well, it beats linking two Game Boys!), computer opponents, and then, a Mixed Match game! Would I lie? A Mario All-Stars of Puzzle games.

Graphics 28 out of 30

What can I say. The graphics are smooth, the backgrounds are well developed, and any other category of good graphics given. There are only 2 small graphical changes: One, when you finish a B-type Tetris game, it won't show you the rockets, or the playing instruments that the original Tetris was. And no longer can you see the weird flying objects at levels 5, 10, 15, and 20 on Med and High speeds in Dr. Mario. Why they took it out, is beyond me. I particularly loved the Dr. Mario graphics. You just have to see it to believe it!

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

Sounds like Tetris and Dr. Mario! They took the original sounds, and tweaked them up, 16-bit style! With some interesting side effects. For example, the Fever on Dr. Mario sounds a bit like monkeys (is Donkey Kong in the game?) The other non-Tetris and non-Dr. Mario sounds had a lot of bass and mood to them. However, the sounds don't seem to be stuck to my head at the time. Oh, well.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

Tetris: Set blocks to complete lines while the speed increases to insanity. Dr. Mario: Line up four of the same color with viruses to clear them all to win the level. The challenge of scoring higher and reaching new heights hasn't changed much since their original NES debuts. Actually, Tetris has been a little kinder of sliding pieces than the original. And between two competitors, one of you has to lose! However, the computer opponents are too much the same difficulty in Dr. Mario and too much difficulty apart for Tetris. Since you can't beat either of the games, and the little extra kindness of sliding blocks in Tetris, I give it a 9.5.

Game Play-Fun 23 out of 25

There is no more fun than to come home, kick your little sorry brother at Tetris, then beat your big sorrier brother at Dr. Mario, then create a machine where all of life is Tetris, where you are the supreme master of Tetris, Dr. Mario, and the world, and attempt to make everyone think about Tetris and Dr. Mario. Then you define fun as Tetris and Dr. Mario. But then, there is always a time where all the Easter eggs are found then, is there?


One frustration. In Tetris, sometimes you get a ton of the same blocks (and not one time did I get a string of four-bars!) and wondering where to put them. But, in Dr. Mario, they manage to fix that from the original. Thanks.

Replayability 22 out of 25

Like I said, Tetris will burn into your cerebral cortex, and the whole world will be twisted like one sorry pretzel. You don't have the same two-player battle twice, and try to get the world record for the highest score, or burn valuable time at home. Yep, Tetris and Dr. Mario will do it for you.

Overall 91 out of 100

If you try to do any of the following megalomaniac plans listed above, you are a Tetris maniac, a Dr. Mario maniac, and you should BUY THIS GAME!

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