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Super Turrican

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Reviewed by TMC3 Your lone starship wonders aimlessly throughout space, when suddenly, a distress call from the peaceful world of Katakis! The files say that this world is mostly harmless, but the evil Machine has taken over. It has imprisoned the citizens of Katakis, and it's up to you to stop the evil!... Hmmm, sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it? A lot of games from the 16 bit period had storylines similar to this, but the story is not a really important element in this game. After all, it falls under the "action" category of games, and that tells you right there that it's going to be fast, explosion infested, and fun. Super Turrican is all of these things. Now, on to the reviews!

Graphics 9.5 out of 10

The graphics in this game are beautiful. Your character, Turrican, is well animated, and his weapons are great looking, too. The "Freeze Beam" can be rotated 360 degrees, looks incredible, and is useful, too. The name just about tells you what it does. There is even a weapon that bounces off walls and ceilings at amazing speeds! The enemies in the game are also well drawn. The third boss (stage 6) spins and slides everywhere, firing lasers and trying to ram you! He even swells up and gets bigger as you hit him. The backgrounds are well drawn, crisp, and realistic-looking for a Super NES game. The first and second stages take place in a blue mountain range, and the third is in a volcano. The lava flows out of the volcanos in the background, making it all more realistic. The second set of three stages is in a factory, which has many steam vents that sometimes shoot awesome flames, and in at least two of the stages there is some sort of chemical pouring all over the platforms and catwalks. The chemical doesn't hurt, but it pushes you along, also very realistic. The third set of three levels is in an ice covered area (You just can't have these games without an ice level or three!) that has even more interesting graphics. Parts of the background scroll independently from you, and that gives the stages a nice "windy" look. The second ice stage, however, just has an ocean in the back, which isn't anywhere near as interesting as the wind-blown, snowy plains of the first and third. The forth and final set of three stages takes place inside the alien queen herself, and the background even shakes and makes a weird noise every time the heart beats. There is drool, acid, and body fluids dripping everywhere, making it look more like the inside of an organism. The second stage inside the queen has to be the best stage of all (if you're good at this game). The background is flying by at amazing speed, and there is even some sort of lightning in the ! distance. It's also the only forced scrolling stage (meaning the screen moves by itself), making it unique and also harder. In the end, there is a neat fading effect as the giant holding the planet disappears.

Music and Sound 9.5 out of 10

The music and sound add a lot to the game. The bright, happy tune of the first, easy stage and the fast paced tune of the "forced scrolling" stage are only a few examples of how the music sets the mood for the level. The volcano stage has a hard "hot" sounding tinge to it, and the ice levels have music that puts a chill in your body. The factory stages have music that makes you think of working, and the last stages' music makes you feel as though you are almost at the end. To listen to the music, put in the sound test code: Go to options menu, hold L, R, X, A, the CENTER of the control pad, and hit select (with your nose if your out of fingers) and just listen to the incredible music. The sound effects are also very well done. The freeze ray sounds like flowing electricity, which is exactly what it looks like, and the lasers and volcano cannon sound good, too. The yellow weapon's sound sounds like someone saying "boo boo boo boo boo" real fast, and sounds pretty cool. Your last weapon, though, the one that flies out both directions and kills everything, doesn't sound right at all to me. In my opinion, it should sound like thunder, but it really sounds like...a loud, broken kazoo or something. If it sounded better, music and sound would have had a 10 out of 10, but it's little things like this that take it down half a point. But, Turrican's voice sounds absolutely wonderful, when you hear it the few times he talks. You get a feeling of determination when he yells "One Up!" when you find an extra life, and relief when he yells "Power Up!" when you find a healing heart icon. The music and sound in this game is fantastic, and it deserves those high marks!

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

Sadly, this game is just too easy, except for stages 8 and 11, and far too short. Twelve stages may seem like a lot, but each stage is actually pretty short. There is a difficulty option, but all it does is reduce the amount of lives you start with. Easy= 5 lives, Medium= 4, Hard= 3. You get the same ending no matter what the difficulty. Most of the enemies can be taken down with just a few shots, and some can even be jumped on. The bosses aren't very hard, because they always follow a set pattern of attacks. And, if you have a fully powered up laser, you are nearly unstoppable. For an experienced gamer, this game doesn't offer much challenge (I beat it the day I bought it), but, for a casual gamer, this game is just right. Still too easy? To add challenge, try finding all the diamonds and extra lives in each stage. That makes the game extremely hard. Happy hunting!

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

Despite it's overall lack of challenge (if you don't care for diamonds and 1-ups), this games comes through in game play/fun, and isn't that what really counts? I love to blow away all those little enemies for points, and I like trying to find all the 1-ups. Wandering around in the stags is a lot of fun, since the enemies are so easy to kill. 1-ups are everywhere, so you usually don't have to worry about a lack of lives. I still think this game is fun to play, and it's been around for six years! That has to tell you something. So, if you do pick it up and play, chances are you won't put it down until you finish the game.


The only truly frustrating level in the game would have to be Stage 11, the forced scrolling stage. I like this stage now, because I've mastered it, but someone coming to it for the first time will most likely lose all of their lives. The reason for this is because the platforms you must jump to are small and constantly moving. Another frustrating thing about the game is the fact that you lose weapons power each time you die. So, someone just barely making it out of Stage 11 will probably be pulverized in stage 12 due to lack of power.

Replayability 5 out of 10

The only real reason to go back through the game is to find all the diamonds and one-ups, but even then, the ending doesn't change. So unless you really like shooting little guys for points and video game music, or you like to take your time to explore, there is absolutely no reason to play this game more than once. There just isn't. It's really nice to forget about this game, then pull it out two years later and play it, but most people I know aren't that patient. So, that's why it gets a low score.

Game Value 8 out of 10

I bought this game for 15 bucks out of a pre-owned bin, but I'm guessing it was 60 dollars or so when it first came out. The most I would pay for it would be $45.00 to $50.00. If you are really in to these kinds of games though, it's worth more than 50 dollars.

Annoying Factor: Bee Hives 10 out of 10

Those bee hives that produce those little bugs are the most annoying things in the game! Destroy them at all costs! (Lasers recommended)

Ugly Boss Factor 4 out of 10

All bosses except for the last one actually look like they take care of themselves. There is no rust on their bodies, or leaks, or drool, or anything. The stage 6 boss looks a little weird, but is nothing compared to the queen alien. Now she's just ugly. Kill her as quickly as possible, please.

Overall 8 out of 10

This game, basically, has marvelous graphics, music, and sound, good fun factor, a fair challenge when you consider trying to find everything, and below average replayability. I don't mean to brag, but I am a very experienced gamer, so the game may be harder than I think it is. I'm sorry for any confusion this may cause. Super Turrican is a super game for the most part, and I recommend you play it at least a few times.

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