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Super Return of the Jedi

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Reviewed by Eric This game is one in a million. Many of the other Super NES games are as good as this. But this is one that tops them all. This is one game that is a making of a gold seller. If they upgraded graphics, lightened up on difficulty, and gave the frustrating points a shove, this would be the making of a number one game.

Graphics 90 out of 100

The ships, (The Millennium Falcon and the Speeder Bikes) are great because of the thrilling graphics for this old of a game. Of course. So many people just say, "Just trash the SNES. Let's go and spend 100 and 50 (or so) bucks on a brand new Nintendo 64!" I say, let go of your 64. Give the Super NES more chances to shine, more games to play.

Music and Sound 80 out of 100

The sounds and music are not the greatest, But they at least beat out the obnoxious Mega Man series. I hardly have anything else to say about the audio, except if you like the famous Star Wars music, this is a game for you.

Game Challenge 97 out of 100

This game is very hard. Even in easy mode, it sometimes puzzles me. Have any of you been in the rancor pit and tried to get up those ledges? It is very, very hard. The bosses are baby's play if you have the thermal detonator code.

Game Play-Fun 98 out of 100

This game is very, very fun to venture around in. I especially like to wander around the second level, finding out new things. If you are an adventurous person, this game is indeed the game for you.

Frustration 99 out of 100

This game is so frustrating, you might find yourself yanking out the cord on your Super Nintendo. I, myself almost have to shut the thing off and come back later to try my luck. I like this game a lot, but some things make me shut it off and play Lion King or something for a while.

Replayability 99 out of 100

Because of the outrageous frustration factor, it makes me come back. Again and again. The beginning. The Landspeeder level is one of my favorites. The game is incredible because I've been playing this game for over 3 months. I have beaten it many times, but it is a wonderful game so that I just get lost in it for hours, a couple or more sometimes.

Game Value 99 out of 100

I wouldn't ever give up my ol' Return of the Jedi for any Game Boy game. It was unbelievably cheap. All of you out there, go look at a collage kid's garage sale and I almost bet there is a Super Star Wars, or Empire Strikes back, or the amazing Return of the Jedi. It is well worth the price.

Overall 98 out of 100

An absolute favorite game to me, I'll cherish it. I would recommend this game to any kid or teenager with a Super NES. This is a game for a strategy, adventure, aviation, or any thing else gamer. I'll play it until the thing explodes.

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