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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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Reviewed by WooJu Well, this game is seeing where it all began in Mario's Life. The Storyline tells you that there were 2 baby twin brothers and one of them fell, and the other twin was kidnapped. And the one that fell, is MARIO! This is the first adventure telling where it all began, Yoshi's Island. When Mario fell, he landed right in to Yoshi. Thus, the adventure for Luigi begins!

Graphics 99 out of 100

When I played this game a few months ago, (When I first played it) The graphics where good. Even though the graphics aren't good as Super Mario RPG, It still has good graphics. From the bubble to the Shyaway, From Poochy to Red coins, This game had very nice graphics.

Music and Sound 99 out of 100

The Music in the game was very good, and the Sound was OK, But I gave this game 99 because the you could actually hear Yoshi's leg moving when using the flutter jump! And the Bubble Pop!

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

This game might seem easy to those "I don't care about points I will just go on"Type of people, but for me it was hard. It is challenging to get 100% on all games without a cheap (VERY CHEAP) Game Genie. Well, the game is challenging, and I say that to those people who beat the game, to get 100% to every level

Game Play-Fun 98 out of 100

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