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Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

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Reviewed by Slimu One day, Princess Peach was sitting outside of Mario's house, when suddenly, out of nowhere, Bowser came and swept her away! "HELP!" Mario rushes to Bowser's castle to confront him for the millionth time, only this time, to find his fight is on chandeliers. After a rather quick fight, Mario comes and saves Peach...but, suddenly, the castle started to shake and a giant sword comes crashing down on the castle, flinging the inhabitants in different directions. The adventure begins... Goombas! Koopas! Shysters! Bean Stalks! Giant Swords! A Dinosaur Paradise! This is the wacky world of Super Mario RPG for the Super Nintendo! Also featuring the best graphics seen in any RPG for the Super NES, and the best Mario story ever! With super duper Music Compositions! This makes the game one of the best RPGs ever made! The graphics are the best seen in Super NES! ACM graphics! The first time anybody used ACM graphics on an RPG! A Tremendous success that became of. All characters are beautifully rendered, and features a wide variety of humorous impressions. The spells in the game look wondrous and beautiful, but somehow, some other games' magic spells look better. But that doesn't matter. The point is, the graphics in this game is the absolute best! The music Compositions of the game are wonderful! At least 20 beautiful soundtracks for the whole game! Mostly all better than Nintendo 64 game music! They are all upbeat, and cute, and perfect for the world it's in...but the "Better than N64" thing pretty much tells you how good the music is, doesn't it? The sound Effects of the game are as good as anything! Even though none of them are really natural sounds, all of them are silly and funny and I like that. Never annoying, no voices, correct sound volume for different situations, perfect. The controls of the game is a bit awkward. Your in a 3/4 view, which means the camera is aimed at a kind of 45 degree angle. To go the direction the game is going, you need to use the top-left, top-right, bottom-left, and bottom-right. But it is very responsive and only takes a matter of seconds to get the hang of the strange, yet normal controls. But when it comes to battle time, the controls rule! It's very easy to change to a different option, and the text is large enough for anyone to see. The game's Challenge is pretty weak. Even if it's the best RPG, it's still the easiest RPG. You can't exactly make any wrong turns, because you follow a route such as in Super Mario World. You can only reach up to level 30, which stinks, and all enemies are weak and easy to beat without any strategy. I'm not trying to sound mean about this, but it's just the natural truth. But I do know that this game can not be finished in 2 hours. Maybe at least 5 hours. The game's replay Value...I am doing a review on the game two years after it's release, and yet, I still have a bunch of good comments on it. And your asking for the replay value?! Oookay. Lots of mini-games, fun graphics makes running around fun, jumping on people's heads is fun, and talking to people is fun too :). The game is virtually perfect and fully funpacked. A very good game. A great game! A wonderful game! I'm not going to take myself any further... The game in one sentence is: The most funpacked RPG and Mario game ever made for the Super NES! And overall, the game is a great all around game, and a worthwhile buy.

Graphics 9.8 Music 9.5 Sounds 9.6 Controls 8.9 Challenge 4.9 Replay 9.8 Overall 9.7

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