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Super Mario All-Stars

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Reviewed by Ryan Broussard Well, If you were just as surprised as I was when I heard the news of All-Stars, than the first thing you wanted to do was to go out and purchase a copy right away. This idea was a brand new way to play your classic Mario games, Super Mario Bros. 1, 2 and 3, not to mention the brand new American release of lost levels. Lost Levels was originally supposed to be the Super Mario 2, but officials said that it was to difficult for release in the US. So they took another game (Dochi-Dochi Panic) and converted it to a Mario saga. Anyway, i thought the idea for All-Stars was a great idea.

Graphics 8 out of 10

With the update of the original NES games converted to Super NES, of course the games' graphics would be updated as well. Although graphics had Vast improvement over the old 8-bit models, they still were not totally up to Nintendo's other graphic spectaculars. But still, The new backdrops were beautifully remastered anyhow. The new hitened backgrounds and newer, color inriched foregrounds.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Like I said, The whole concept of games changed with the creation of these games. The music, however, Were still too similar to the original sounds and music, just polished up better. But I do see the point of keeping classic music, And i still sometimes get some of the theme music stuck in my head. Hey, Who could resist Mario Music, huh? DO-Do-do-dododo-do-dododot-dodotdododotdododo.

Game Challenge 6 out of 10

The challenge overall the games is basically moderate, the classic games were easy enough when I was 6 as they are now...Although sometimes when you don't play the games for a while you tend to forget, making it a semi-new game. My old Nintendo Playing days were very frustrating for me at some points, but after the first 5-6 min of play, you get in a grove of play when everything is fun.

Game Play-Fun 9 out of 10

I loved the idea when I first heard of All-Stars. I, however, Never did receive a copy of it. I however have every Mario game (well every Mario STARING game.) I just found my old NES and games and hokked it all up. I am having a blast playing the Classics.


The first 5-maybe 10 min. of gameplay maybe frustrating, but you find a certain groove into the games. Hey, if you were like me, you would also scream your head off when someone would bother you during your game.

Replayability 9 out of 10

Like I said, I just found my old Nintendo and games, and I love the way the games play. You kinda forget the way you love these games, and get distracted by the new, fancier models of 64 and Super NES games. Something just speaks about this game pac.

Overall 8 out of 10

All-Stars was a very interesting way to look at the old tired classics, and if you have a copy of it, than you know what i meen.I also kinda think that, while this game pac was very good, I still love the old tired classics. And while I would like to have a new copy of All-Stars, I'll still play the NES games for nestalga purposes. So if any of my world have gotten to you, than you will also get down your old NES and play away. You maybe surprised how addicting they gotten to be. I love The classics so much, that I even bring down my old Atari 2600 and have at it, perfect working order.

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