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Super Castlevania 4

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Reviewed by Gabriel Jones This is one game that can be considered a real classic. Castlevania 4 is definitely one of the greatest super Nintendo games of all time. It combines incredible level design, great graphics, a good challenge, and some of the best music ever. Even after all these years and countless other games. (Including Symphony of the Night), I still keep coming back to this one.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The Graphics are very well done, grom the amount of detail in even the simplest enemy. To the exceptional use of Mode 7, especially in Stage 4. The graphics are just one of this games many strong points. The backgrounds are good too, and they include some really cool animations. The bosses are also well done, each one is very different in look and how they are animated. This game shows a lot of diversityin each level. from the Gardens of the level 1 to the caverns and water filled ruins of level 3. No two levels ever have the same look to them.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

Well obviously this is Castlevania music. Easily some of the best music I have ever heard. The boss music is really good. The first stage music is also exceptional. They have even redone music from Castlevania 1 and 2. The sound effects are also well done. But most of the time I was just listening to the music although the sound effects do their part fine enough.

Game Challenge 9 out of 10

Well the difficulty is there. Some levels are really tough but once you understand it you will master them in no time. Which brings to this games one minor failing. which is a lack of challenge. Once you beat the game. (All the way through.) There is not much else after that. Castlevania 4 is still a good challenge in itself. You get unlimited continues and passwords, so It can not be that hard.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

The control is a lot better than the older Castlevanias, that's for sure. You can swing the whip in any direction, plus if you hold the button down, you can flail it everywhere. Hitting anything around you although this move is also weaker. The response time for each move is good, plus the game is really fun. Each level is diverse and has a lot to offer. You can also swing from objects that resemble bats holding a ring in the air. The level design is arguably the best part of the game next to the music every level is something new, and it just shows how much of classic this game is.


I doubt you can get frustrated with this game. You get passwords and unlimited continues, and although the levels are sometimes tricky. They can be beaten after some amount of time. So don't throw the controller out the window over some simple problem in any level. Although they may be tricky at first.

Replayability 9 out of 10

Well...this game is replayable. Mostly for the level design and music, but the difficulty could be a bit harder, but the game is a lot of fun while it lasts and well worth time spent on it. If this game was harder and maybe a few stages longer or even if it used the multiple path system of Castlevania 3. that would add a lot to the replay value.

Game Value 9 out of 10

Hmm... well, this is a really good game, and it is well worth any amount of money you pay for it, except for over $50. which would be a little much.

Overall 10 out of 10

Overall, This is the one of the best Castlevania games around. Either by rental or paid for. This game is one classic that should not be forgotten. Don't pass up the chance to play the game. You will not be disappointed.

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