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Super Bomberman 2

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Reviewed by Dave There was a time when I would look at a 3d platformer and say, "cool!" before I even knew what it was about. Now, it seems that everyone and their brother wants to see their character in 3d. And that makes me sad. Why? Well, I don't think that all that could have been done in 2d has been done. I also think that most games today are all flash and nothing else, save a few cases. That is why I recently bought a Super NES. When I bought it, I saw a copy of Super Bomberman 2 on the shelf for $19.99. I had a coupon for it, so I just bought it. And I never looked back.

Graphics 7 out of 10

Graphics aren't this game's strong point. They get by, but just barely. The whole game is set in an overhead view, kind of like a maze. There are two types of blocks around, solid and soft. Soft ones can be destroyed with bombs, hence the name "Bomberman". Enemies roam the field, and you must destroy all of them to complete the level. Sure, doesn't sound fun on paper, but neither does Tetris. Anyway, the graphics are crisp and clear, but not without their flaws. The colors can be very dull from time to time, with color schemes that leave much to be desired. The game also can suffer from slowdown if there are too many sprites on screen.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music is cool, with a main theme you will remember. Bomb blasts ring well, and the whole effect is great. I feel that the music really covers any graphical flaws in the game, with themes that represent each level (ie: Circus music at the carnival level, etc.) pretty well.

Game Challenge 7 out of 10

Once you get good, you'll beat the game pretty fast. The single player aspect of the game is fun, but it really isn't the main attraction to this game. During the game, you can pick up "power ups" that give you special skills, such as extra speed, extra bombs, or more power in your blasts. These really flesh out the game, and add to the effect.

Game Value 12 out of 10

Heck, at $19 bucks new, this game is a steal. There really is no excuse to not buy this game with a price like that.

Multiplayer 12 out of 10

Here's where this game really rocks. With a four-player adapter, you can play a free-for-all deathmatch in one of 9 locations. Each location has traps and advantages such as conveyor-belts, warps, movable blocks, and "un-power ups" that give you abnormal statuses. You'll have to make a mad grab for power ups to win, and be constantly ahead of your opponents on screen. If you win a match, you will be given an extra power for the next round via roulette wheel. If you can't rangle up 3 other buddies, just turn on the computer to play for them. I can't personally vouch for their intelligence, but they do put up a good fight on the highest setting. This mode is the real reason to buy the game!!

Overall 48 out of 50

This is one of my favorite game of all time. You really should take a look at this game if you find it. The current issue (Aug 98) of "Game Buyer" has a coupon for $5 off. I even got a free 6-button Capcom controller for buying it at Electronics Boutique.

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