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Super Battleship

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Reviewed by Greasyhead Strategy fans rejoice! Those who are cheap, also rejoice! Super BattleShip is a good game. You can choose to play against the computer in classic Battleship. Sorry, it doesn't go on two players. You can also lead a fleet of your own ships in "Super Battleship." There are even enemy mines, submarines, and of course, Battleships. But if you're a big action fan who expects BIG explosions and stuff, this game isn't for you. With 18 missions and passwords, Super Battleship is the perfect choice for strategy fans. AND, those who are cheap, because of the cheap price of SNES games now.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics aren't that good, but remember, this is Super NES. For a Super Nintendo game, the graphics are good. If you CARE about the graphics, you might not like this game.

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

Again, this is a strategy game. Music and sound don't matter. The gun sounds are dumb. So is just about every other sound. But it could be worse.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

This is what Strategy games are all about. It is a good feeling when you sink 2 battleships with a dinky destroyer. But sometimes the missions are boring because you can't turn to beat the enemy. But realistically, battleships turn like crap, so it's sort of realistic. But besides that, it's fun.


The submarines are VERY hard to sink. And they are all ALWAYS shooting torpedos. But the regular ships are EASY to sink. And the turning is impossible.

Replayability 7 out of 10

After beating a mission once, you may try it again and find out something that would make it a lot easier. Then you feel SO stupid. I like to go to a mission again and try to complete it without having one of my ships sunk. That should keep you busy for a long time. If you think this game is easy, think again. Sometimes you must get through a fleet almost twice your size. And wait 'till you come to a stage with submarines! A great game for strategy fans. A dumb game for action fans. But a decent game overall.

Overall 8 out of 10

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