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Stunt Race FX

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Reviewed by David Ruocco The latest Super FX chip game is an absolute beauty. Stunt Race FX is Nintendo owners answer to Sega's Virtua Racing, and in many ways is a more fun and playable game. Stunt Race FX is so much fun that you can pick it up and straight away you'll be hooked. Three different cars are on offer, a 4WD, F-type and coupe. Each has different top speeds, acceleration, body strength and handling. To keep racing you must reach various check points within a time limit. You don't have to win to progress to the next track. When driving you can jump other cars or hold down your Y-button for a turbo boost. Scattered around the tracks are items to increase your turbo booster or repair your damage. There are two difficulty levels each with four tracks to master. The expert tracks are very difficult with a tight time limit, and you have to make full use of your turbo and avoid the walls at all costs. Like Mario Kart before it, the two player game is the highlight of Stunt Race FX. The action is fast paced, and there's plenty of pushing and shoving as you battle around the well-designed tracks. Two player mode is split screen. The viewing perspective could have been a little bigger, but once you've had a few matches you won't be grumbling about anything. Stunt Race is also a challenging one player game. Thoughtfully a battery saves all track records, so single players always have something to strive for and keep them racing. If you win a race you can play a hilarious bonus track where you are behind the wheel of a semi-trailer. Of course the semi handles like a pig, but its still heaps of fun jack-knifing around the obstacles and trying to collect the goodies. There is also the stunt tracks to keep you occupied, which ice tracks, water tracks and rock tracks where you have to collect stars and jump over huge obstacles. The game is very well polished, with dolphins jumping over the water track and deer running past, as well as the cute eyes on the cars which wink at you. But it's the immense playability of Stunt Race FX that will keep you coming back for more.

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