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Street Combat

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Reviewed by Andrew Hello game players time to fight a little. Now unlike Mortal Kombat this game has no blood or fatalities, sorry, but a great challenge. This game is fun a two player game vs or vs the computer if you want to. This game is easy at first but later on hard oh man believe me for a Super NES game this is hard. The graphics are decient and the play is fun.

Graphics 6 out of 10

The graphics are not that good compared to other games. When you shoot a weapon the screen kind of...I do not no how to put it but it looks weird. I would say this has the worst graphics besides Spanky's Quest.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

The sound is real dumb. When you use the peoples moves they might say yah but it sounds like yeh. The sound is not clear at all you know what it is saying but it says it funny. The music is good. It has a rhythm to it and you will get into it. The music matches the background and keeps you going from going to sleep.

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

Game challenge is easy unless you put on the hardest it can get to. But other wise it has basically no challenge in the game. Believe on this one it is real easy until you put it very hard. Not even is it harder you might just die once or twice. When the game was made this was probably for beginners who do not no moves and want to learn how to be an expert at fighting games.

Game Play-Fun 4 out of 10

Now let me tell you if the game is real easy the graphics are bleh and the sound stinks what do you think about game play. YEP! Boring. You could beat the whole game under 5 min. seroiusly. (not lying) I mean there are only about 7-10 people in the game. And get this there are no cheats to the game (like you need them ha ha ha).


Come on common sense tells you. The game stinks easy. All equals up to there is no frustration unless you just a little kid like 3-5. 5- up can beat the game simply without cheating.

Game Value 3 out of 10

No with the other games for super get something else like Punch-Out or Star Wars. This is not worth it. Look at what I wrote above. Only if your little get it.

Overall 3 out of 10

Stinks booooo! worst game ever made. Please get something else. Graphics music everything stinks!! If your little get this but if your older get Mortal Kombat or something.

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