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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy

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Reviewed by Charlie Morrow This isn't like any other game for the Super NES. You don't walk around like in other Star Trek games, but you'll see that there is a lot more action to be found by having total control over communications, the helm, engineering, science stations, navigation and combat controls than there is in walking around on some planet. Each mission has many different outcomes. There are combat missions, diplomatic missions, science missions, and missions where you have to follow a set of clues to complete the mission. After completing a mission you can go to the lounge and talk to your crewmates (each with there own distinctive attitude), go to your quarters (to get you password and get information on different species), check out the simulator where you can act out classic Star Trek scenarios and practice your combat skills, or go to class and get valuable information that you will use later in the game.

Graphics 7 out of 10

The graphics look pretty 3-dimensional, but also look a little blocky. They remind me of the graphics in Star Fox. The ships don't have a whole lot of detail. They're pretty much just shapes that fire phasers. The Romulan ships have a really cool bird on the bottom, though. The bridge has a lot of blinking lights and all of the people move, but it doesn't look very 3-D. (In combat mode, the Kilngon bridge is really cool!) The people's movements aren't very realistic. They need a couple more frames added to their moves. When you're in the classroom, the teacher moves a lot but the animation is pretty choppy. When you hail other ships, the people on screen don't move.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

If you like the music and sound of the Star Trek movies, you will love it in the game. The torpedo blasts and phaser sounds are exactly like those in the movies. There aren't really a whole lot of sound effects.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

The game is fairly challenging. After you get pretty good at it, it won't take long to beat. A couple of the missions are real hard while others are way to easy. The simulator missions like The Balance of Terror, The Wrath of Khan, and The Undiscovered Country, are tough. I think Interplay could have made the game a little more challenging.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

This game is extremely fun, especially if you are a Star Trek fan like me. The variety is huge. In the simulator you get to put yourself in classic Star Trek situations, fight as different ships in the combat mode, and go on all sorts of missions in the regular game.


I don't think the game is very frustrating. The most frustrating thing about the game is the 2-player battle mode. I hate that thing. It takes forever just to find your target. A couple of the missions are pretty frustrating. You have to think through the problem. The game just never got me very mad.

Replayability 10 out of 10

You could play this game forever and it would never be exactly the same. Each mission has a couple of ways to beat it. Of course, some ways get a better grade than others. I personally play this game a lot. It's a real original game that you don't get tired of.

Game Value 10 out of 10

I've seen this game for sale for $10 several times. It is worth every penny of it. That's not much to pay for cool graphics, great variety of play, great sound, and hours of fun.

Overall 9 out of 10

Overall, this game is awesome. It has everything. If you are a Trek fan, you have to have it. It is one of my favorite games. I enjoy playing each of the 21 levels. It's really fun playing with the simulator. Every 6 levels you get a new ship. In combat mode you can play in many different Federation, Romulan, and Klingon ships. I recommend this game, especially if you are a Star Trek fan.

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