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Street Fighter Alpha 2

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Reviewed by Bryan Street Fighter Alpha 2 (SFA2) is the best Street Fighter out there. Ya it really is. All Fighting Games owe Street Fighter something, everyone from Virtual Fighter to UMK3. Street Fighter started fighting games practically and this is the best continue of them. With Super Combos, Custom Combos, an Alpha counter, special moves, and more. It Is a real game. If you like fighting you will love SFA2. I could go on and on but let's get to the review. Shall we?

Graphics 8.4 out of 10

First off the way the graphics are made and add edge to this game. When doing a Super Combo pause the game. Do you see the energy bolts? They do look like they are shooting out, or how about the build of the characters? Ever notice the details? I have and they are tops graphics, and more 3D looking than any MK game out there.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

The sound here surpluses all other Street Fighter game. Or Fighting game in general. The sounds made by the characters are great and clear. Try to "HADOKEN!" on Street Fighter 2 or "Yoga Flame!" as well. I can't especially with "SHO RYU KEN!" It sounds weird like "ALL YOU CUN!" or the "HADOKEN!" sounding like "UROOGUS!" (u row gus). I mean it and the music rules from the low sounds of Alstaila also the louder sounds of the US. The are tops you can hear clearly and understand the Special Effects better now than any other fighting game I have played.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

It doesn't get much harder than this when fighting on the top level or the secret Shin-Akuma (look for more on him later). I mean it. It took me over an hour to beat the top level and almost every person. And I still haven't beaten Shin-Akuma (name says Akuma but looks different). I know that some MKs are hard but if you did a poll (which I will) SFA2 would come out on top.

Game Play 10 out of 10

Playing the game is a way to get frustrations out or relax with some friends. You can have a 99hit combo, the Raging Demon or Instant Hell Murderer as I've also heard, that really kicks some serious butt. If you want to have a Game that you like to play and won't stop playing after you beat it once THIS IS YOUR GAME!!! If offers countless ways to finish off your enemies and seeing the first time you beat the game an your enemy lying their dead feels great.


Yeah you can get mad at Shin Akuma or at the Super Combos or even normal moves (believe me I have done all especially with Shin Akuma). Hey if you practice you can over come these problems and the game will still be fun try doing Zang's Atomic Spinning Pile diver (360+360+punch) and do some major damage to your enemies.

Replayability 100 out of 90

Fun no matter how many times you beat it you will never put this game away for good (unlike Super Mario World). It's the top of the top and that's all their is to it. I have said a lot about the Replayability throughout this review and trust me you'll like the game.

Game Value 100 out of 100

Defiantly!!!! Just look at this review, read through it and you chose if you want to buy it, but for Fighting game lovers it is a must have game! No joke. If you haven't play the game do so soon.

Overall 100 out of 100

The game and everything about it is great You don't get much better than this it truly is great.

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