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Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers

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Reviewed by David Ruocco Another year, another version of Streetfighter 2. Weighing in at 32Mb, this is the biggest and baddest Street Fighter cartridge yet. Sixteen mighty fighters gather from around the globe to fight in the World Warrior tournament. There can only be one winner. This new Super version features four new characters and is so faithful to the arcade game it's like having a coin-op machine in your home. The game plays wonderfully well, with special moves easy to pull off and a huge range of characters to play. There is a new tournament mode where you are one of eight fighters (computer or human) fighting in a knockout competition. Other battle modes include the standard two player game, the Super Battle one player game, a one-player time challenge and the fabulous group battle slugfest. There is four speed settings to hot up the action further, plus eight difficulty levels. The four new characters are the lightening fast Cammy, Bruce Lee-look-a-like Fei Long, Jamaica's cool dude Dee Jay and the stupidly slow Thunder Hawk. Cammy and Fei Long will quickly become favorites. All the old characters have the same moves plus some new added abilities. Zangief can now chuck his opponents around like a frisbee, Ken has a triple-hit flaming dragon punch, Vega has an awesome spear attack, while Balrog has learnt a new shoulder thrust. Super Street Fighter 2 is an almost faultless conversation of a great arcade game. The only disappointment is the sound, which seems a little tinny. I just hope that the next game in the Streetfighter series will be Streetfighter 3. It's time for a breath of fresh air in this fantastic series. To get the most out of games like Streetfighter 2, Nintendo have just released a new joystick. The Scoremaster features a good sized arcade joystick, with large moulded buttons. There are turbo modes for every button plus a slow-motion switch. The joystick is responsive and avoids the problem of "gamepad cramp". It retails for $99.

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