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Soul Blazer

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Reviewed by Nicholas Walker Soul Blazer, developed by Enix, is like a spin-off of the game, "Actraiser". This game is half RPG and sort of like a Sim. You see, King Maggrid has made a deal with DeathToll, your enemy. They have kidnapped Dr. Leo to use his inventions on the world. But Maggrid should not have made that deal, because DeathToll has used the inventions on the world and now everyone and everything is trapped in Deathtoll's realm! When you and the Master here about this, you are sent down to revive the world. You must destroy Monster Lairs to get things you need, or it builds something in the town you are in. You don't have to destroy every lair. It may sound like Actraiser to you, but it's more of an RPG. There is a game save feature. There can be up to four game slots. Like in most RPGs, you have a girlfriend, this one does, too. Her name is Lisa, she's Dr. Leo's daughter. There are bosses. Every time you defeat a boss, you release the leader of the town. The game has no battles, you just hit the enemies with your sword. "Zelda: A Link to the Past" only has four swords, Soul Blazer has about eight! Some enemies are very powerful, so you need a special sword found in Dr. Leo's Laboratory. You can use items in the game, and weird ones at that. There's one item called the "Dream Rod". If someone or something is sleeping, you can place the "Dream Rod" on them and you can look into their dreams! There are Experience Points for your level to go up. You can use Magic and wear Armor. This is what I think of "Soul Blazer"

Graphics: The graphics are like any other RPG, it's an overhead. It goes pretty smooth with no jerkines. Controls: The controls are okay, you just can't go diagonally Like "A Link to the Past". Sound: The sound is okay, too. It uses some sounds from "Actraiser". Challenge: I'd say the game would at a Medium level Fun: The game is very fun and addictive! Overall: This is a good game. If your a fan of RPGs and "Actraiser", than this is for you! Rating: 4/5

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