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Reviewed by Chris Rothenberger S.O.S. is a simulation game from Vic Tokai. You take control of one of six passengers aboard a luxury cruise liner. Everything's going well until a wave hits the ship and opens holes in the hull. You have 1 hour to find the escape hatch and get out. Obviously modeled after the Titanic, this game just doesn't do the amazing wreck justice! If it happened like this, it's amazing that 1500 even survived.

Graphics 4.5 out of 10

The graphics are just your average fare for a Super NES game. They could have put more into them. (Personally, I could have put up with worse graphics if other areas were better!.) I do have to say that the cinema scenes that pop up during your search are very well drawn and depict great scenes.

Music and Sound 7 out of 10

Believe it or not, this is probably the best part. The music is perfectly themed with what's going on in the ship. There's great disaster music when the wave hits the ship, and the background is pretty good, too. Although repetitive, the music saves this game from suffering the same fate as the people on the ship.

Game Challenge 5 out of 10

If you like a challenge, you'll love this game. But it's a bit too hard if your not a member of Mensa! The clues they give you to get out are almost non-existent. For some reason, most of the passengers don't even know the layout of the ship! The only person who does is the captain's first mate, and that's just because he has a map (which takes time to read.) And what a map it is, too! The only markings on it are the room boundaries. No door markings, no escape hatch, nothing. Plus, you can never take the most direct route to a room because there's always something blocking your path. Heck, sometimes you can't take the longest route either for the same reason! The controls are horrendously difficult. I couldn't even remember the controls without the instructions! Running is easy enough, so is jumping, but then you have to be able to move people (which I don't remember how to do!) and pick stuff up (which no one told me how to do!) Plus, your character "dies" for 5 mins. if you drown (easy), fall 4 character highs (easier still) or touch fire (easy if you can find some fire!)

Game Play-Fun 0 out of 10

This game just bit. I was actually glad when the ship sunk so that I could laugh at the idiots who were sailing on it. Another goal of the game is to help other passengers, which are hidden as well as the hatch is! Moving them is another problem altogether.


Where do you want me to start? There's the goal, the ship layout, the controls, the gameplay, the character movement, the time limit (5 days should be enough!), etc.

Game Value 1 out of 10

MAYBE you should buy it if you could find it for under $3. Otherwise, don't think about it. (I'm offering my copy with instructions for $1. Any takers?)

Overall 2 out of 10

I don't think I need to say anymore. It stinks. If you were actually on the Titanic it'd be better. You'd have a better chance of surviving!

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