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Super Mario 2: Yoshi's Island

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Reviewed by Joshua I got it about... three or four months ago and loved it since!!!!! You kida start off like... In Yoshi's house and for the first time in mario games your yoshi!!! And suddenly a bag with a note comes FLYING down ker-splat!!! Yoshi carefully scans the note to discover IT'S A MAP!!! As he just as he looks back at the sack, looking carefully he sees baby mario! and he realizes looking back at the map that there where twins!!! He then figures that might as well find this baby's twin what ever it is and take him to his parents!!! Summary: This a great game, with superb graphics (Might be good graphics because they used ACM on it!), terrific sound, same great music, nice gameplay, nice everything!!! And unlike other mario/yoshi games yoshi can stick his tongue upward!!!!

Graphics 8.9 out of 10

ACM makes the graphics so good!!! It has childish or crayon like filling in!!! Ha ha ha!!! That was why I rate it 8.9 out of 10!!!! Sometimes they make you feel happy, excited, or better yet, sometimes they make you feel scared, frightened, or better yet, sometimes they make you feel mad, unhappy, or... oh... um... Just watch out for the great, superb, terrific, nice, perfect, amazing, or even... or... um... uh... you get the idea don't you? Well... make sure you don't get the game just because I said it had GREAT graphics, (if you want to know how I could say something that dumb, read on ^_^ !)

Music and Sound 8.0 out of 10

The reason I rate it that high is because... well... because I admit it: I fell in love with the title screen music... *sigh*... how sweet... same as above the sounds can change your mood!!! And when you get a superstar the sound is the same as when you get the wing cap in Super Mario 64 so cool, man. I am telling you: great graphics great music and sound, Man this is a great game want to know more?

Game Challenge 8.5 out of 10

This game gets HARD!!! I mean all that jumping quickly running fast and dodging and getting baby mario back from the bad guys, makes it possibly one of the most exciting games for the SNES! (Except for Super Mario RPG!!! Ha ha ha!!!) To bad the didn't make yoshi sweat... (I wouldn't blame him!!! Ha ha ha) Very funny right? No? Darn it! I thought not... Well... if you want a challenge, then buy this game.

Game Play-Fun 9.4 out of 10

Great game didn't I try to tell you like 3 (Three) times? If you buy it... well... you will not be disappointed!!! Can't emulate it yet... (Probably because it's so great!!!) (Heh heh heh...) So I am telling you to save allowance or just plain money and by the (Oh-oh here I go again...) terrific, great, awesome, nice, cool, superb, perfect, amazing, or even... or... um... (Darn I ran out of words!) Game so... you get the idea right? (Save that stuff they call money and rush to the nearest video game store and buy it!!!) PLEASE PLEASE read on... (It's almost over!)


Frustration? What does that mean? You might be thinking after you play this game. The only place you might get frustrated is on this one level, (the name says something about fuzzy): Getting the red coins on that level is a hassle!!! I haven't got all of them yet!!! (Amazing huh? no? I thought not...) well other then that this game is is not really frustrating!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! (I'm hyasteracal!!!) READ ON.

Replayability 100 out of 10

Huh what is 100 (one hundred) out of 10 (ten)? you might be thinking... I have no idea!!! That's just my rating!!! Okay, there is no such thing as 100 out of 10 but... we can fantasize cant we??? Of course!!! (Wait a second... you don't seem to be saying any thing!!!) (Oh just my opinion.) It is really replayable!!!!! So read on...

Game Value $55 out of INF

It is a COOL game that's why I rate it $55 out of $Infinite... ^_^ Read on...

Overall 89 out of 100

Terrific, perfect, awesome, amazing, cool, nice, Graphics, Sound, Gameplay, and replayability, Oh yeah, and Game... So... um... well... Get it now before your local store runs out of stock!!!

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