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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

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Reviewed by Brent Page This game is excellent for the younger player, but is also quite suitable for even the most experienced game player. While less difficult than the typical Mario game, certain aspects of the game can be quite challenging. There are six worlds with eight stages each, but it is the extra stage per world that proves the most challenging. For atmosphere, this game is a low stress level, pleasant game that is pure enjoyment.

Graphics 9 out of 10

The graphics in this game are only surpassed by those of Donkey Kong Country fame. Yoshi gets a new look as he is transported into a more three dimensional land. There are few areas that are three dimensional, but the areas that are done this way, are superb. The final scene, is the best one as it should be. Bowser in three dimensions, it can be kind of scary. It is clear that the makers went to great work in improving the graphics by leaps and bounds. The background scenes are more complicated and colorful than Super Mario World, and the villains, though cheerful looking most of the time, are a bit more complex in areas. The Koopas have a brand new look, as do the piranha plants. Everything seems a bit bigger in scale. The most impressive feat is the 360 degree scrolling in the Raven castle. Although it makes you dizzy, it makes the game rock. Overall the graphics are quite impressive for this type of system.

Music and Sound 8 out of 10

I would rank this area higher as the music is catchy and better than previous Mario tunes, however, whenever baby mario is thrown off Yoshi's back he cries this annoying little cry. They could have made something a little less annoying. The music is similar to the altered calypso tune heard in the special world from Super Mario World. It is pleasant, catchy, and hard to keep from humming after you have played the game a while. The music switches to more of a rock and roll attitude in the final scene to add to the intensity. It works beautifully. All the sounds in the game, jumping, doors slamming, doors creaking, boulders rolling, etc., are crystal clear, and make you think you are directing an animated feature rather than playing a video game. By the way, bubbles actually pop in this game rather than the click you hear in Super Mario World. Overall, the sound is excellent, though they left room for improvement.

Game Challenge 6 out of 10

I have mixed thoughts on the toughness of this game. To go through every stage and beat the game is not nearly as challenging as the other Mario games, but to get the special levels is extremely difficult at times. This game uses a point system rather than a timer, and so you are allowed as much time as you want as long as Mario stays on your back. This makes exploration easier, and less stressful than in other Mario games. On the other hand, you have to get the full 100 points in each level of the world to gain the bonus level. Some levels, this seems all but impossible to get the 100 points. This is the true challenge of the game, and the part that experienced players will like. Mind you, the first world is not hard to get the bonus screen, but try it after that!!! Also the bonus levels themselves, are EXTREMELY difficult compared to the rest of the game. Younger players, don't throw your controllers! Although it would be easy to lose interest in the game after solving it, I would encourage players to try and get the bonus levels BEFORE moving on to the next worlds. This will make the game seem much more challenging. Overall, I would say that the graphics took up enough of the memory that it was hard to make the game as involved as the first Mario World. I think most will feel it is worth it as some of the scenes are quite intense.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

I can't think of a game much more fun than this one. Throwing eggs, breathing ice, breathing fire, spitting watermelon seeds, are only some of the things Yoshi can do. Yoshi's abilities make the game easier, but certainly more fun to play. In many instances it is like several games in one. Yoshi can also morph into submarines, helicopters, dirt diggers and race cars. Finding all the hidden clouds can be a game in and of itself. Also in each level there are locked doors that lead to a challenge with a bad guy. If you win the challenge you get a bonus item! At the map screen, if you key in the right code you can just play the challenge games. The bonus rounds and challenges are much more complex and interesting than the first Super Mario World, and just make this game more fun!


There are few levels that lead to frustration in this game as long as you remember on important bit of advice, try everything!!!!! The bosses are more complicated than in Super Mario World, and require some original thought to beat them. The most frustrating thing is to lose Mario off your back and then be immediately hit with an enemy. Not only are you racing to get baby mario, but you have to hear that annoying crying! Overall, there is little frustration with this game.

Replayability 2 out of 10

Unfortunately, once you have beaten every part of this game, it is NOT challenging to go back and do it again. Once you discover the secrets much of the game becomes easy. I do NOT recommend asking for tips if you are stuck, I think it ruins this particular game if you don't discover it on your own. It can be fun to go back and play certain levels, but I can't imagine enjoying going through the entire game again. Overall, I'd say enjoy the first time through, because that is about the end of it. Honestly though, what would you expect from and adventure game? Super Mario World 1 is the same way.

Game Value 7 out of 10

It is when it is on sale, but then I think very few games are worth the $65 price tags you often see. This particular game is one of the better games that sells at higher prices. It is fun and intense at times. It is definitely not a game I regret buying.

Overall 8 out of 10

Overall, I think this is an excellent game that will find more people playing it and getting hooked on it. It is another fine game in an incredible series of games that started with Donkey Kong. As an adventure game, it has few equals. The Mario games are head and shoulders above the rest, and this game continues in that fine tradition, even if it strays from the conventional Mario a bit. I highly recommend the game, and wish everyone luck.

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