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Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars

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Reviewed by Princess Zelda This is a review of the Super Nintendo game Super Mario RPG. This is my favorite game for the SNES. This game is FUN!!!

Graphics 12 out of 10

The graphics are presented in a 3/4 perspective, not quite overhead, not quite parallel with the ground. The graphics are smooth and detailed. One of the scenes in the ending sequence looks like an N64 shot. The shadow effects are good, and the 3-D effect produced by the perspective is quite realistic. In the "Moleville Mountain" ride, the graphics are fast-paced and exciting. All of the backgrounds are STUNNING in this game! Overall, the graphics are better than any other SNES game. The only game that comes close to this level of quality is Star Fox.

Music and Sound 11 out of 10

The music is catchy, and has good rhythm and beat. All of the music has multiple instruments and rich over-and-undertones. The music that you hear is very appropriate to what you see. The "Culex" and "Smithy" music is especially good, as well as the Factory and Nimbus Land music. The sound effects are clear and crisp. They are well made and CUTE! The effects in the battle sequences are particularly impressive.

Game Challenge 6 out of 10

This is not a particularly hard game, but some aspects of it are rather difficult. For instance, getting all of the hidden treasure chests without a cheat list or Player's Guide, beating Culex, and getting the Attack Scarf and Super Suit. This game is fun, and even though it is not all that hard, there are always things left to get or do. There are all sorts of cute little quirks built into the game. They make it more challenging. But it still remains fun.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

THIS IS A VERY VERY VERY FUN GAME!!! I do not know exactly why it is so much fun, but whatever the reason, THIS GAME IS FUN!!!


This game is not very frustrating overall, but it can be a little irritating in places. It is hard to be frustrated by this game, because when you have a problem, the solution is not that difficult to find.

Replayability 10 out of 10

For some reason, probably the level of fun this game presents, you will never get sick of this game. It is simply not possible! Even when you have beaten the game, you will want to play it again to get that one item or chest you missed, or to try out this or that new trick you learned from a friend. Even when you have gotten everyone to level 30, found every single hidden chest, found every secret area, boss, and item/armor/weapon/accessory, gotten a time of 02:00:00 on Moleville Mountain, gotten 999 Yoshi Cookies stored, and basically done EVERYTHING THERE IS TO DO, you will still want to do it all again!

Game Value 12 out of 10

This game is really worth it to buy. You will love this game! You Know You've Been Playing Super Mario RPG Too Much When: 10. You keep muttering, "Smithy....Culex....Star Pieces....Lazy Shell..." 9. You go around at night expecting stars to drop down to you. 8. You think that if you pick enough flowers you will be able to do Magic Attacks. 7. You leave a doll on the floor overnight hoping it will become inhabited by a Star Spirit named Geno. 6. You get dressed up in red overalls and hat with a blue shirt and go around trying to jump on everything. 5. You make wooden treasure chests, hang them from the ceiling, and keep hitting them with your head. 4. You get your friend to keep trying to walk into you hoping that it will work. 3. You get mad because you can't cast "Ultra Jump". 2. You get obsessed with stars. 1. You go around trying to find a casino owned by someone named Grate Guy. 0. You try to kick turtle shells at people you hate.

Overall 10 out of 10

Super Mario RPG is overall the best game EVER made for the SNES. It has a good plot, good graphics, good everything! This game RULES!! Go buy a copy! You'll be glad you did!

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