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Reviewed by J.M. Hornbaker The year 2050, Seattle, one of the few remaining cities on the face of the Earth, Hackers and Shadowrunners rule the streets, making them too dangerous to go out on without a purpose. You take the role of Jake Armitage, who is out on a Shadowrun when he gets geeked by a gang of Deckers. Just as the Deckers flee, and as Jake is about to die, a creature, half cat, half woman, runs over to Jake and casts some sort of spell on him, giving him a sort of second chance, but there is just one catch... he can't remember anything. You see Jake awaken in the morgue, this is where you come in.

Graphics 10 out of 10

For how old this game is, the graphics are superb. You can actually see the size of your gun. The sequences where you travel from one place to another by boat, train, or helicopter are very nice. When you are engaged in conversation, you actually see the character's face, and there are very few repeat characters. And on the status screen, when you put on shades, your character's face actually has them on. And when you switch from a leather jacket to a mesh wire one, the color and the design of the jacket changes. It's just the little things like this that make the game's graphics stand out above most games in the genre.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

The music is superb, it usually fits the mood of the specific scenario or location you're in perfectly. The sound effects, however, are quite the opposite. There are very few, and those few are very weak.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

Shadowrun takes a "go anywhere, do anything" approach to exploration, and often leaves you hanging as to where to go next. This is a very tough game that takes a combination of reflexes, wits, and quick thinking. Even the seasoned RPG veteran will spend days on this one.

Game Play-Fun 7 out of 10

The game is fun until... you get stuck and don't know what to do next. Then it becomes a total drag. Due to the amount of information the game supplies you with, you are often left thinking, "Now how in the world do i do this?". A little more guidance would have helped.


Yes. When you get stuck, you really get stuck. And it can happen quite often unless you hate to lose and use one of those "Strategy Guides".

Replayability 10 out of 10

With so many places to visit, so many things to do, and so many people to talk to so many things about, there is a LOT to do in this game. It's worth a few trips through.

Game Value 10 out of 10

Sure there are lots of RPG's, but none even compare to this one. This game breaks so many rules of RPG making it should be in a genre all of it's own. I would pay $50 bucks for this game even today.

Control 10 out of 10

The controls are perfect. How you aim, using spells, and walking around are all so simple yet just right.

Overall 9.5 out of 10

Overall, this game explores many things other games in any genre don't even attempt to do. So in light of this, I would have to say this game has the best combination of puzzle, action, exploration, and interaction with NPC's that any game in the history of video games. Period.

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