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Seaquest DSV

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Reviewed by Yoshi Guy The game is well, challenging! The missions are the best ever but well extremely hard!! I can't believe they have easy or hard because either way the challenge is the same! Hard. OK so you probably already know to buy this game and not to rent it. But let me tell you why: The game has brilliant graphics and mission design that allows you to pick the best vehicle for the job including Darwin the dolphin! The pirates have ruined the mining camps, and as captain of the Seaquest (eventually the rank advancement reaches) it is your job to stop them once and for all! So turn on the alarm, and check for all available occupants because you are about to embark on a sea voyage you will have to see to believe!

Graphics 100 out of 100

Incredible lighting and shadow give the game a surreal look of the ocean floor. The darkest being the deep, and the light being shallow. You must see the bases inside! It goes from every detail and security sensor to electric forcefield and booby traps! Take a look!

Music and Sound 100 out of 100

They give the game the adventuring music to go along with the missions! Very good I might add even in training sim. mode! The sounds of explosions and gunfire are quite elaborate with the homing beacon being the best! When the sound of that swish and the beacon is released and you see the enemy waste torpedoes and missiles on it you literally will laugh!

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

Hard and frustrating as it may be the game is worth all your effort just like in the real boat in Seaquest DSV. Every mission presents it's own challenges with various locales spread across a huge map. Some will even be timed making it twice as hard as before!

Game Play-Fun 98 out of 100

The game serves it's purpose well in the challenge department but takes too much as you can see. Still it is fun outrunning a fast attack ship with your trusty speeder. If you don't call that fun, I don't know what is! It is also great to see what your inventories are and buy more supplies and/or ships if they are needed. The no save game feature can be quite a problem as you most certainly do not get a new password until you achieve your next rank which can take forever sometimes!

Frustration 67%

It has a little bit of this so it tips the scale a little ways.

Overall 89 out of 100

This overall is a great Super NES game to own! If you don't already own it, buy it today!

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