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The Ren and Stimpy Show: Veediots!

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Reviewed by David Ruocco Forget the Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy are today's cartoon heroes. This great game is divided into four sections, each based on a real episode of the chucklesome Ren and Stimpy Show. In the first two sections you play Ren, the anorexic Chihuahua, and in the second half of the game you play Stimpy the naked cat. In "The Boy Who Cried Rat", you must dodge Stimpy who is trying to be an overzealous mousecatcher. Ren becomes trapped in Stimpy's mouth, and must fight the dreaded teeth beavers. "In the Army" sees Ren thrown behind enemy lines, while "Stimpy's Invention" has dumb Stimpy looking for pieces of his famous invention, the happy helmet. In the last episode, "Marooned", Stimpy is a space cadet lost in the far reaches of the galaxy. The game is as twisted as the cartoon. Smelly socks propel our heroes high into the air, cheese gives them bad breath power, and characters such as Powdered Toast Man and Muddy Mudskipper make special appearances. The graphics are very good, faithfully recreating the feel of the cartoon. Sampled speech such as "Steeempy!" is good too. The game is a solid platformer with lots of jumping and heaps of pick-ups. There's always something lying about for Ren or Stimpy to hurl at each other. The first level is fairly straightforward but each gets progressively harder. There's also some puzzles to solve - in "Stimpy's Invention" you have to figure out how to use switches and also how to make an explosive. Most television or movie spinoff games are abysmal, but thankfully Ren and Stimpy is an exception. If only they'd put the cartoon on at a decent hour.

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