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Reviewed by David Ruocco NBA Jam screams onto the Super Nintendo, and boy, is it good. The game is every bit as good as the arcade hit and is the ultimate party game for the home. You can have up to four players using an adaptor, which is highly recommended as a way to make friends and influence people. For the uninitiated, NBA Jam is a two-on-two game of basketball that features fast-paced action and incredible super-jams. Players leap high above the ring, somersault, spin and twirl pulling of the most amazing slam dunks you have ever seen. The key is using your players turbo power to leap higher, run faster, push harder, pass faster, step around your opponents or block their shots. There are 27 NBA teams to select, featuring stars like Ewing from the New York Knicks and Charles Barkley from Phoenix and Pippen from the Chicago Bulls. Each player is rated for dunks, speed, three pointers and defence. There are heaps of different styles of game to play. Players can play head-to-head or on the same team. You can also choose to have a computer controlled team-mate or always control the player with the ball. Five different difficulty settings and a special super-fast "juice" mode provide further depth. The graphics are absolutely superb with digitisation of the real players and great detail for the court and crowd. Sound is also excellent with commentary such as "Oh My", "Swish", "He's on fire", "Jams it in" and everyone's favourite "Boomshakalaka". It's great fun. NBA Jam is a winner! Get your hands on a copy.

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