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Mega Man X3

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Reviewed by Bryan Mega Man, Mega Man, Mega Man. The blue Bomber just won't go away smashing back with his friend, Zero, they trample over Sigma again. They are an undefeated dueo that is great. They can't and won't beat beaten by any other game of its type. X, X2, X3 I don't care which one it is they all rule the world of Adventure/Action/Strategy. The only major competition is by Super Metroid.

Graphics 7.5 out of 10

Side scrollers don't do to hot with graphics but hey the are good for a sider scrollers. Zero's Build and X's adaptions have great details they are almost undoubtably the greatest SNES AAS of all (Adventure/Action/Strategy). The game's graphics are great everything in it is great I don't care what you say, this is what I say and I SAY IT LOUD!! I love this game more than any other AAS because you can switch from Zero to X when ever you like but hey don't take my word for it play it your self.

Music and Sound 10+ out of 10

Every stage every special effect. It is all great and you know it. The best part is usually a part with Zero coming in and helping X. Now this is just fantastic. There is just something in the music that adds to the game. Maybe its because that the music actually fits and seems to work where it is. They did a great job and I wouldn't expect better than this.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

The game is great! Explore the whole thing, try it all I mean it! Everywhere their is something new being a weapon or upgrades but the all take the cake when it comes to this so don't get lost in a maze of trouble look for things try walls anything you have to JUST DO IT. It will be worth it no matter what the cost is.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 10

I really think the game is fun. Trying the hard stuff and everything else is cool and you know something, I think the game is one you can't stop, drop, and leave for the next night. You got to beat this boos, find this battle body, find this find that HOW CAN YOU STOP. It is all good and everything you do is well payed for in the end what ever you want go for it! I really stress this on any AAS but mostly on this one.


You may not like Sigmas armor to much and I agree it is a pain but to see the ending is great you can't go wrong with the game. My onest choice of this game would be giving up any that I all ready have. There aren't to many frustrations. Some include finding things and beating bosses, trying to get somewhere by jumping up a wall an falling, their aren't much more and you can easily take care of any of them just Dash up when you fall, try every weapon you have for bosses and use your imagination to find things.

Replayability 100 out of 100

You will want to play this game again and again and again. Especially If you didn't find everything. The game is an awesome game that can't be topped only have small competition. I don't know where I should start to tell you about this game's replayability but trust me YOU WILL LOVE IT NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU HAVE BEATEN IT!!

Game Value 100 out of 100

YOU BET IT IS!! HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG WITH IT? THE GAME HAS MANY GOOD QUANTITIES and is great, fun, challenging, every thing you would find in a classic game. It is cool and is very worthy of the name MEGA MAN X. This is THE BEST MEGA MAN EVER!!! This is what I think but go find out yourself. You don't have to believe me but it is true. The game is awesome and very cool you will enjoy the game FOR EVER. Shopper walks in to a video game store and says, "I'm looking for a game. Can you help me?" The clerk show him MEGA MAN X3. The kid comes back with a grin the next morning. Clerk asks, "Buy another game?" And the kid says, quoting the RAVEN, "Nevermore." That is the way you will feel about this game. The price doesn't matter if you get your moneys worth out of it

Overall 100 out of 100

If you don't like it oh well. If you do the great! I like the game and all of its Mega Man/ Mega Man X relatives. You will never go wrong. And you can't be wrong if your always right, Am I right?

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