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Mario Is Missing!

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Reviewed by David Guzman Well, what can I say! This is the first of a few Mario titles for the Super Nintendo. As far as other reviews go, this game is as exciting as fishing for salmon in a mud puddle. In my opinion, the game is not the worst but it is a bit bland. It is just very different. In fact, it was fun at times, even funny. But, I sometimes agree with the other reviewers because of the fact of the game being a bit boring. The object is sort of simple. Bowser has stolen precious artifacts in famous cities all over the world. You play as Luigi (Finally!) and you warp to a random city via a pipe (What else?). When you arrive, you have to figure out which city you are in by talking to people (They will give you clues.). When you are positive on what city you're in, you call Yoshi and you take him to the city on a map similar to the ones on Super Mario World. Then you ride him. You're supposed to go all over the town and stomp on Koopas that do not hurt you. They're either duds, or they blow up (It looks cool!) and you pick up a little artifact. You go around and destroy all the Koopas in the city and get all the artifacts. When you get all 3, you have to go to one of the 3 artifact centers in the city. You have to talk to Daisy (I'm pretty sure that's her) and she'll ask you questions. If you answer them all right, she'll be determined that you have the right artifact. Go to all 3, answer the questions, return the artifacts, and you win. Then you have to go to a different city and do the same thing. After you complete all the warps in a room, a Koopa Kid will pop out. It's pretty stupid. The Koopa Kid cannot hurt you. In fact, it'll go through you. All you have to do is stomp on him. Yippee! What a challenge! Then you go to another room and do the same thing! Kind of repetitive.

Graphics 5 out of 10

The sprites all look identical to the ones on Super Mario World. Luigi looks exactly like Mario in green, like usual. The buildings in the back look dumb. Anybody can draw them on Microsoft Paint! The Koopas are the same, but a little pale. Anybody who goes through the lectures from Bowser is bound to look a LITTLE pale. They're OK, but it could have been a lot better. That's what you get from letting another team make Mario games, Nintendo!!!

Music and Sound 4 out of 10

Puh! I kind of forgot how the music sounds. It was either Super Mario World tunes or some dainty elevator music in the background. The sounds were pretty bland. I howled with laughter when Luigi would try to cross a blocked street! What a wimpy car horn! The sound of an exploding Koopa with an artifact was cool, though. Sound could have been a lot better. Where's Koji Kondo? Sheesh.

Game Challenge 2 out of 10

The scenario: Get artifacts, answer questions, never get hurt, never die. Unless you're a complete stupid idiot, the game is prettttty easy. I just don't understand. No life meter! No number of guys left!

Game Play-Fun 6 out of 10

It's kind of fun, I guess, learning something, warping, talking to really disturbed people on the streets. It's nothing like a real Mario game. But, I guess, change is good. That Daisy is such a brat! If you get too many questions wrong she gets all mad! And you can't just go back and try again. She's "too busy!" I guess it's kind of funny at times.


Not much frustration. Ah, the frustrating parts are when you don't know where to take Yoshi! When the Koopas move away from you on the map! Jeez!

Replayability 1 out of 10

It's simple. What's the use of playing the game again if you know the answers to all the questions? That's not a thing the game makers had in mind when they made this game. They should have made you do more stuff to win.

Game Value 3 out of 10

It's a good rental game. It's not a good game to buy. Don't buy it, just rent it. Buying it will bore you too much. It's good to rent a game, beat it, and not worry about renting it again.

Overall 4 out of 10

Hmm...overall, Mario Is Missing is a simple, dull game. If you like RPGs with all text and no gameplay, try this one. Yes, I know it's not an RPG. It reminds me of one.

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