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Kirby's Dream Land 3

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Reviewed by Matt Thompson Everybody loves Kirby. It's next to impossible NOT to love Kirby. He started out on the small screen with Kirby's Dream Land. They've made some other games from him, which include Pinball, Blockball, Avalanche, and Superstar. Little kids love Kirby 'cause Kirby's so darn cute. And here he is again, with his best game ever. This game will redefine the standards for all other SNES games to come.

Graphics 9.5 out of 10

The graphics on this are awesome. It's pastel, which makes it nice. But the backgrounds, oh, the backgrounds are awesome. Go and fight King Dedede. You're not just standing there fighting him. You're on top of his castle. It's a dark and stormy night. He also looks really freaky. Also the baddies look real cool. Lickums (the hidden guy who tries to eat you) looks really really cool. There's even a little touch of 3D. If you get Chuchu and umbrella you'll see what I mean. The only flaw was that all the guys look just like in KDL2. There weren't very many new guys. The bosses also looked the same as before. But you have to say, that's the only flaw in the graphics.

Music and Sound 9 out of 10

The first thing that I noticed other than the great graphics and the awesome gameplay was the radical music. There are so many different musics! The sound effects are neat too. Some of the sound is the same as KDL, but they've REALLY jazzed it up. The King Dedede music has the same melody but it sounds much better. Also there are new music altogether for sand canyon (level 3) because it's a new level. There are also new sound effects for when you get killed. But some of the music is the same. That's why it's not a 10 but a 9. But overall, the sound a music totally rocks.

Game Challenge 11 out of 10

This game just defines challenge. Sure, it's easy enough to beat the levels. But the heart stars make it a mega challenge. I got it about the day it came out in stores and I still only have 1/2 of the heart stars. Some of the heart stars are obvious, while others are not. The first one is easy: Don't squish the flowers. The first one in level 2 took me a while: you need pitch and broom power to water the plants but you still have to avoid squishing them. #1 in level 3 is really weird: this you squish the flowers but don't squish the mushrooms. Some of them you know how to get but they're really hard to get. The bosses are extremely hard too. And, boss #4, took me 18 game overs. Dedede took 25 game overs. Overall, this DEFINES the word Challenge in video games.

Game Play-Fun 11 out of 10

This game so fun!!! The 1 reason I didn't play it until 4:00 am is that my Mom keeps my video games upstairs where I can't get them. There are 8, yes 8, count 'em, special abilities which you get from munching baddies. The are: Ice (from Mr. snowman), Fire (Koko), boomerang (from load propeller or that weird bird guy), spikes (from the spikey guy [name:???]), Rock (from rocky or blocky), sparks (from sparky), umbrella (from those umbrella guys), and broom (from Keke or broom hatter). There are also 6 friends. Rick the hamster, Kine the fish, Coo the owl, Nago the cat, Pitch the falcon, and ChuChu, this weird blobby thing that is supposedly Kirby's girlfriend. What's really cool is when you have a power and a friend. That's lots of fun. It's also nice to play with your friend over because they can be Gooey, Kirby's best friend.


I only have one thing to say about frustration: Where are those heart stars! That's the only frustrating thing. Those darned heart stars.

Replayability 9 out of 10

You can't give something a 10 in this category because it will eventually get boring and old. But you really have to do each level twice. Just for the fun of it you must do everything in the game twice. But this game never gets boring because there are so many secrets. Like level 6 and (my friend says but I'm not sure) level 7. But you can do it over and over and it doesn't get boring.

Game Value 10 out of 10

It's definitely worth the $50.00 I paid for it. Kirby has always been my favorite video game character and this game shows it. This game is worth any price it's marked and $10.00 more. This could be Kirby's final appearance on SNES. But it is defiantly worth the price.

Overall 59 out of 60

Overall, this game is awesome. A 59 out of 60 overall. Kirby will never go out of style. He's cute and lovable. That's why I think this game is awesome. One final thing: KIRBY ROCKS!!!

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