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Kirby's Dream Land 3

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Reviewed by Kewlio This game is the BEST Kirby game in all the known Universe! Any idiot would like it. Not that YOU'RE an idiot, or you, or you... Aw, you get the point. Anyhoo, here's the story of this here game: At 1993 (or so I think) Kirby is here. Kids want it. They want Kirby's Dream Land 1. They want a Game Boy to play it. Yeah, to "Play It Loud". :) After that, of course, they continued on to make Kirby's Adventure, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Kirby's Pinball Land. At last, their first appearance in the SNES arrived. Yes, Kirby's Avalanche. It wasn't bad, I mean, it was their first. On they went, Kirby's Dream Course, Kirby Super Star. Recently, there was Kirby Star Stacker. Great game, you know. Now, their best creation has arrived: Kirby's Dream Land 3!

What's New in this game

- 1 new ability (Broom, given by KeKe or Broom Hatter) - Targets (The 30 Heart Stars given at the end of each level if you find the secret) - 3 New Friends (Nago the Cat, Pitch the Falcon and ChuChu, similar to Kirby) - New type of 2 player Simultaneous action (Play with Gooey, he can have any ability he wants, just like Kirby) - New Map (PopStar Map for level, land map for stage) - New Subgames (With Gordo, the spiked black ball with eyes and one with that eel too) - Etc, etc, etc...

Graphics 10 out of 10

Great grafix, animation, and such. Really, I prefer the animation of the game, like ChuChu Ice, where ChuChu takes the snowballs and throws them. Great texture also on Kine Ice, where Kine (the fish) turns into a chunk of ice. Ado, the 4th boss, makes cool drawings, they look almost like Kirby's Dream Land 2's Ice Dragon and that big fish boss and Kirby Super Star's Kracko and Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright. Great work. Really.

Musics 9 out of10

The music's been hyped up from the old games, that's for sure. Different sounds, like when Kirby loses a life. Gooey's using that one now. Great new Boss music and option music. But there's still something I dislike. I would have liked a whole new sound for when you get a Heart Star. NEXT...? Come on... NEXT!!! Ah, there we go.

Game Play-Fun 8 out of10

The secrets are hard, and you can't fight the last boss (the big cloud that the game names as "?") without finding all 30 Heart Stars. But all in all, it's fun, finding items for the friend at the end of a stage, or bringing a friend to him, it's cool.


Well, only two things: 1- It's so hard to find what I need for those Heart Stars, and 2- Some subgames are hard.

Replayability Mnt out of Mln

In case you're wondering, the "Mnt out of Mln" thing means you could play it for months out of 1 millennium and never get bored. It's always better with a friend, though, unless your friend says "I wanted that item! I wanted to beat that boss! I wanted to..."

Game value 4 out of 5

For 60$ + 15% HST (CA money) it's well worth it. Hey, it's true, believe me, I'm having Super Wheefun with that game.

Difficulty 7HI out of 10*

"7HI out of 10*" means 7-too difficult out of 10-Perfect. This game is for intermediates/experts only. If you're a beginner, I would suggest Kirby's Adventure before. Or if you'd REALLY want to play, you should try repeating level 1 repeatedly over and over. Else, good luck.

Overall 39 out of 45

Well, all in all, great game. You should try it sometime. Say... I'm wondering... Will there be Kirby's Dream Land 4 on the N64? Hmm...

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