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The Itchy and Scratchy Game

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Reviewed by David Ruocco Everyone's favorite cat and mouse team are up to their old tricks again, and the results are hilarious. In this game Itchy and Scratchy battle their way through seven cartoons, including Juracid Bath, Mutilation on the Bounty, The Magnificent Severed and the Pusseidon Adventure. You control Itchy the mouse and must try to avoid Scratchy while using all the weapons available to mutilate and maim him. There is a huge amount of weapons available - proving there's more than one way to skin a cat! Weapons include chainsaws, cannons, bazookas, boomerangs, flaming arrows, rivet guns, flamethrowers, rocks, frying pans, hammers and harpoons. All of the different weapons result in different death sequences and it's hilarious to watch Scratchy get cut in half, set on fire or electrocuted. Both Itchy and Scratchy have power meters that depreciate with every hit - the winner of each cartoon is the one that can survive the onslaught. As well as hits from each other, Itchy and Scratchy have to avoid all sorts of hazards including dinosaurs, volcanoes, axe-wielding knights, killer fish and machinery. After you kill Scratchy on each level he is granted another opportunity to take Itchy to the netherworld with the help of a giant boss. Winning the first battle isn't too difficult on most levels but some of the bosses are incredibly tough to beat. While seven levels isn't very many and the action can get a little repetitive, the game is worth buying because of the fantastic animation and hysterical sequences. The character sprites are very large and appealing, and the range of weapons and animations makes the game great fun.

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