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Illusion of Gaia

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Reviewed by This is quite a good RPG. I didn't think that I would like it at first, but one I started to play it I couldn't get up from my chair! The building up of the story is quite good. The graphics are good for a Super NES game, and the handling is exceptional. The replay value is also good. Sometimes I find myself playing through the game just to witness a certain plot twist, or an important battle area. I highly recommend this game to anyone who has the time to play it.

Graphics A

The graphics are quite exceptional for a SUPER NES game, but not the best you can buy. I would give them an A because there are many games with worse graphics on the market. If all you want in a game is graphics, don't buy this game. But if graphics are just a nice addition to your game playing experience, don't hesitate to buy this game.

Music and Sound A

Many songs are reused. Not that this doesn't happen with other games, but it is nice to have new songs for every purpose in the game. The character has a flute which he uses to play reused songs from old battle areas to make things happen. (Like in Zelda 64, but in this, the songs are objects you have to select. At one point, he even gives away a song to get more space in his inventory!) Even so, the music is original and is nice to listen to while fighting.

Game Challenge B+

The game is more story and puzzle than challenge, but the first and second to last bosses are difficult the first time you play. The first boss is always hard because you have so little HP. This is a nice game to get started on if you are not an experienced RPG player. The puzzles of the levels are highly typical of any other RPG, so I would not recommend it to an experienced RPG player, because it might seem a waste of your time.

Game Play-Fun B+

If you like story, buy this game. It is mostly story. If you find fun in fighting, buy another RPG. It was pretty fun for me because I like story and there was no other RPG for SUPER NES that I hadn't already beaten.


Not very frustrating for the experienced RPGer, since the puzzles and fighting were basically mimics of "The Legend of Zelda." The story sessions took a long time, but to me were worth it. If you have not played any other RPGs before, play this one first. (It's also hard to find a place to save the game.)

Replayability A

I replayed this game a lot because it was easy to get to the part of the game that I wanted to see. It was quick and easy for me to beat, so I played it when I had nothing better to do.

Game Value A+

Mostly because it does not cost very much. It was something to do when I had nothing to do.

Overall B+

It mimicked other great RPG's before it, but did find an interesting way to do it.

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