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Harvest Moon

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Reviewed by Slimu The Story is that you are a farmer who just became ready to take care of yourself. That means your parents leave you a whole ranch...a not very organized ranch at that. So you think you have the farm for yourself. So you better get a move on and get the ranch organized! And you may need some help from your neighbors at the nearest, and only, town. You may also find a maiden that's waiting to be swept off her feet! =D After about 1 year and a half, you will receive a letter from your parents saying they will come back the next summer to you because of their worries. Your goal is to find happiness between the 2 and a half years of your independence. Good Luck! Graphics in this game is just superb! Even though it's a 16-bit game, it's still wonderful! Very nice animation as I said before. Very Smooooth ;). The sceneries are also a good sight. (Oh you know lots of people say that their "sight" [what they mean is "site"] is one of the best? They don't look like much of a "sight" to me =D) But a little downfall is that it seems to not have much color. That doesn't matter :). an A+ to Natsume on the graphics! Ah...Music. The one thing I just have to love in this game. And the one very important thing in every game. This game has about 10 beautiful soundtracks! 1 Spring soundtrack, 1 Summer, 1 Fall, 1 Winter, 1 Title theme, 1 Town theme, 1 Mountain theme, 1 Sad theme, 1 Bar Shop theme, and 1 Ending theme, All wonderful! There may be more, but I gave you enough info on soundtracks already ;). Just put it this way: The music is better than Nintendo 64's. That should tell you something! Sound Effects in this game is wonderful! Great! Extraordinary! And very cute ;). Kind of like Mario Bros. 2's sound effects. Oh yes, now you know Mario Bros. 2 is not the only game that has people throw veggies ;). I never knew throwing tomatoes or chickens can sound so interesting =D. The controls in the game is very nice and simple. Very easy to use. And very responsive too. Now really, do you need me yakking a million things about how good the controls are? I think I've spoken enough about the controls. (They are great, by the way ;) The Challenge of the game is a challenge, yet not much of a challenge. Depends on how you want to live your life. Say you want to live a bachelor life and become filthy rich. OK. That's the easy life, believe it or not. You can mess around with your schedule as much as you want, impress the women of the town, then give her a present she disgusts, give a guy a present and see what they say, and much more! However, if you choose to have a wife, you'll have to have a regular schedule. This kind of adds to the difficulty because an hour is 15 seconds. You only have 11 game-hours to do your daily chores. Why? Women are picky and bossy. *teeheehee* Your wife wants you home by 6 PM everyday, no later. And in the morning, your wife will give you a lecture unless she's pregnant. But time freezes indoors so don't worry much about time in the cow barn or chicken coop. Now the Replay! Everyone wants their games to be worthwhile. That's why replay value is so important! This games replay value ranks way up there! First of all, unlike most RPGs, you get multiple directions. That means you can do whatever you want. And you can't really beat the game, and you can't lose the game either. Which ever way you choose, you will find some happiness. And whatever path you take, it will all lead to a different ending. Wonderful... Overall, the game is just spectacular! Magnificent! Super! Wonderful! You get the point. And the bottom line is: If you find the game somewhere, it is a must-buy or a must/have-to-rent! My farming here is done!

Graphics 9.5 Music 10 Sound 10 Controls 9.5 Challenge 9.5 Replay 10 Overall 9.8

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