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Harvest Moon

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Reviewed by Michael Sweeney Harvest Moon is one spectacular game. Anybody who hasn't played it is probably thinking "A game where you farm, sounds gay". But it is anything but that. Out of every Super NES game I have ever played, this is my absolute favorite. In fact out of every game I have ever played, out of all systems, Harvest Moon is one of my top 3 favorite games. And I'll tell you why...

Graphics 9 out of 10

The graphics on Harvest Moon are clean and smooth. Considering its a 16 bit game, the graphics are superb! It would of gotten a 10 in graphics but because of a little item thing (I'm assuming its a frog) that looks so messed up. Other than that Harvest Moon is top notch.

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music is like no other. With 10+ music numbers in the game, which are all wonderful and imprint themselves in your head for days to come, this game, yet again, is Top Notch! The sounds in Harvest Moon are somewhat realistic for a video game, which is good, and pretty cute sounding, too. Although it doesn't effect me, when your character walks, especially at night, his steps may get annoying after a while of hearing them.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

The challenge depends on how you live your lifestyle. If you try hard to get lots of money, tons of cows and chickens, every power berry, and every girl in town is in love with you, then the game could be quite difficult. Other than that It's not all that hard to complete your full 3 1/2 years that this game takes place in. To be a Harvest Master is one challenge.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

Harvest Moon is not only funnier than fun can possibly get, its very addictive! I love this game, because it is SO fun to play! You'd be surprise at how fun it is to lead a successful life.


There really isn't much frustration in Harvest Moon. There little things that you seem to go out of your way for, that don't seem to do anything. For instance, during the game a peddler will come to your ranch and offer to sell a "Magic Money Tree", if you buy it, the next day a tree with bells will appear in front of your barn. This tree doesn't do anything! It just sits there, and jingles when press A by it. Things like that can be frustrating.

Replayability 10 out of 10

Replay value on Harvest Moon is considerably high. This is mainly because you can control your lifestyle and events that take place in the game, all which lead to a different final rating, and ending at the game's climax. Since I've bought Harvest Moon, I've played through the game about 3 and a half times. I'll usually play through the game, beat it, and start up a new file a couple of months later. Unless you don't get any sleep from playing non stop, it takes a week or two to get through the game.

Game Value 10 out of 10

At about $50 dollars of retail value, this game is worth every penny! I was lucky enough to find it used, but I defiantly would have bought it new if I had the money!

Innovation (Originality) 10 out of 10

Harvest Moon is like no other game ever made in the history of gaming. A mix between a farm simulation and an RPG makes this game unconditionally fun. The only other game that's even slightly similar is Sim Farm, which is confusing and not really fun. You won't find another game on the market that even compares to Harvest Moon!

Overall 98 out of 100

In conclusion, this game kicks butt. Not only is it fun, original, and top notch in every gaming category, its got a killer soundtrack! So, if you've got hankirin' to slap on some over-alls and go feed the chickens, or if you just want to play one groovy, no strings attached, game of the decade then you should try Harvest Moon!

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