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Goof Troop

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Reviewed by Yoshi Guy Don't let the name fool you! This truly isn't a kiddies game and will be a challenge to advanced players. The puzzles in this game are the first to far surpass Lufia 2 in challenge and are puzzling difficult! You and the GOOF TROOP are going to an island of pirates! How dangerous! To stop pistol Pete from taking over the place! It is nothing like the TV show, and is considered one of the most challenging puzzle games by some. The genre is as unique as the title and combines adventure and exploration with mindboggling puzzles and helping each other progress. The of course is two player mode which is the best of this game by far! You either goofy or max help the other achieve things together and still have fun! It's fun to trick the enemy by throwing fruit and pots back and forth between each other and then WHAM! Right in the forehead!

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics are better than I anticipated, and are much better than Zelds's but I don't know about Lufia 2. Still they are greater than most and are really believable like in the jungle or the castle! I personally like them, how about you?

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

Awesome music! Superb sound! I didn't know what it was like to be really enjoying a video game with a rock'n tempo until I picked this up! It does like maybe Final Fantasy VII (which isn't as good as Final Fantasy 3) didn't do and comes closer to ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES which is better than all of them!

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

Boy oh boy, the challenge that this game dishes out is enough to drive any Lufia player insane! The game could have been longer though, with added bonuses. But don't let that fool you because this challenge already surpasses the many levels of Lufia 2!

Game Play-Fun 9.7 out of 10

Just on of the maybe most enjoyable games I've seen in a long time! I would have loved to see more tricks and secrets envolved though like Donkey Kong Country 2 and more codes!! Can't get enough of those although I don't really know any for this game right now..

Game Value 96 out of 100

You'll get your moneys worth! That's all I have to say!

Overall 96 out of 100

Great game! Buy it if you see it out there, cause it is still rather new! The lesson is don't be fooled by appearances cause BIG things often do come in "small" packages!!

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