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Final Fight

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Reviewed by Adam Norfleet This game is no doubt one of my all time favorites. Final Fight was the game that set the standards for all of the fighting games on the Super NES. Your two characters are Cody and Mayor Mike Haggar. A gang called the Mad Gears practically taken over Metro City, and to make things even worse they captured the Mayor's daughter/ Cody's girlfriend and try to bring Haggar under their influence. Instead of listening to them they decide to take things into their own hands. Of the two characters, i would say that Cody is the best. Haggar is good but when you are surrounded by characters he is sometimes just too slow to handle himself, while Cody is a lot smaller and more agile. When handling weapons Haggar is better because of his quick swinging capabilities and he doesn't hesitate like Cody does. The slum is your first area to clear. Fighting the first part of the stage should be a snap. When you go under ground you will a bunch of charging bald guys but don't worry a few good jabs and throws should do it. The boss of the stage is Thrasher he seems too easy to be true don't let this fool you though this game is just warming up. through your battle you will be sent through the subway, a wrestling arena, a night club, and an 80 story building! This game may seem hard but you have three continues to use up. for starters you can go to a secret options mode by holding the "L" button as you press start at the Final Fight logo screen. you can choose up to nine men set a difficulty level and listen to music and sounds of the game.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics of this game look exactly like the arcade version, Capcom really did a good job translating this game onto the Super Nintendo. The characters and their motion are very smooth and well animated. The opening sequence looked just like a real cartoon the first time I saw it. Even today not too many games come close to Final fights graphics except for the other games in the series that is.

Music and Sound 5 out of 10

The Final Fight sound track sounded so cool in the arcade but for some reason the sound and music seems more annoying than anything. Some of the characters voices seem scratchy and muffled like Jessica's scream that sounds like a elephant and Thrashers raspy laugh. But there are also some good sounds in the game like Simons voice when you smash his car on the bonus level and Haggar's furious roars when he does a bone crushing maneuver. Even though the game has dumb music I like to cut the volume up because I love the sound of Haggar beating the punks.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

GEEZ! The first month I got the game I couldn't get off the second board! I don't think they could have made this game any harder. I beat this game out of anger not for the fun of it.(Until I found out about the secret option section:) What makes this game so hard is the length of it. After playing for so long the enemies start to get more aggressive and their life meters grow a little bit. And there only so far a man can go without getting killed by Andore's smashing piledriver or the unstoppable charging head smash of Bill Bull. At least Capcom did give us a little bitty break by putting two bonus levels in the game, they only do you good when you have discovered the option mode and selected how often you want an extra life though, so make the best of them and don't give up!

Game Play-Fun 8 out of 10

I gave this section of the game an 8 because this game in a way lacks variety. The players you have could use a little more attacks and special maneuvers. If this game had a two player feature I would give it a 10 on the spot. But i guess it has all it needs. I only have one more argument about this game in this section. WHAT HAPPENED TO GUY??!! I have no idea why he was featured in the arcade version but not in the home version. I think that everyone who has played the games in the final fight series that Guy is the best character and is everyone's favorite fighter. I still enjoyed the game very much and since side scrolling fighting games are my second favorite genre, I gave this game a pretty good score. adding Guy to this one in the first place wouldn't have hurt though.


Frustrating gameplay extremely hard bosses and enemies that have an unfair advantage over you seem to be very common among Capcom games i have noticed in my years of gaming. I guarantee that this game will frustrate anybody. Sometimes when the screen is full of enemies or too much movements it seems like the cartridge overloads and makes the people move in slow motion it also cancels out any command that goes through your controller. This is extremely annoying when you are trying to slam or through an enemy. The bosses are extremely Frustrating to beat, not only do you have to worry about them but there are also other henchmen running around the screen trying to get a crack at you. For some of the bosses only two will totally kill you. Take Eddie E. for example. he is the third stage boss. Eddie is a big fat crooked cop who carries a pistol and a billy club. If he hits you with the club about 70 percent of your life is gone if he swing twice you are history. The boss of the bay area is even worse than he is. Abigail looks just like Andore with black and white clothes and face paint. He has the ability to grab you from a remarkable distance and throw you again taking about 70 percent of your life away SHEESH!!!! Fortunately i have found out easy ways to defeat all of the bosses without going through too much of a hassle. i may put them in the tips section of the Super NES page.

Replayability 5 out of 10

You cant help but play this one a lot because I guarantee you it will take you a while before you even make it to the last stage. Since I'm a die hard final fight man, I don't mind playing this over and over again but other people who don't like these type of games much will get bored with this very quickly because of its repetitious setting and gameplay. Even I was a little disappointed at the way the game ended after going through all of the trouble but still love crushing the old man at the end.

Game Value 10 out of 10

I got this game for 7 bucks and i think that's a real bargain for any video game except for the Goonies.

Overall 33 out of 40

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