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Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

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Reviewed by Adam Chandler Before Final Fantasy 7, before Tactics, Square made an RPG that was worthy of newcomers to the Final Fantasy series. Mystic Quest will have you travelling through dungeons, through, mountains, and even across oceans. Although difficult at times, knowing what or where to go next played an important role on how much you progress. Although there are other games with much better graphics, not many can compare with the suspension and the urge to keep on playing shown to us by Mystic Quest.

Graphics 3.7 out of 10

The only thing that improve in Mystic Quest are the graphics. Most people would take one look at Mystic Quest and pass it off as "just another Super Nintendo game" but don't be fooled. I'm sure that if they bought Mystic Quest along time ago, even comparing with some of today's games, that they have pulled it out and played it recently. (I know I have, and I own a Super NES, Playstation, and an N64)

Music and Sound 6.2 out of 10

It's music may not compare with some of today's music, but it's not bad either. (I still can't get some of the toons out of my head) Weather it's music from the towns, or music from the bosses, I can guarantee that you'll love the music. Also, the sounds are good too.(I personally like the sword slash)

Game Challenge 4.5 out of 10

As I have said before, this game is recommended for beginners who want to get into RPG's. More advanced players will like it, it just won't be much of a challenge. But for those who like to stick with the new times, I wouldn't recommend buying it.

Game Play-Fun 8.9 out of 10

If you are really into RPG's you won't put this one away until you've beaten it twice. Exciting and filled with suspension. Defiantly a must-have for beginner and intermediate RPG fanatics alike.


Have you ever been stuck a few days on a game? no? Then prepare to be puzzled. If you don't have every little thing, and your not strong enough, you will be forced to back track an hour back into the game just to get one piece of equipment. If you rush straight through the game your almost guaranteed to be stuck halfway. This is a game where the word explore comes in real handy.

Replayability 7.0 out of 10

Once you beat it don't think that you're never going to pull it out and play it again. Plan to beat it at least 20 times. This game is guaranteed to have you back in the adventure trying to get every little thing countless times.

Game Value 9.2 out of 10

Compare it to buying a car for $100. It's really that good. Some places sell it for a little as $10. The bargain of a lifetime! You will never get enough of the spells, the enemies, and the characters. Bosses as tall as the screen, numerous weapons and armor, locations from Bone Dungeons, to Ice Pyramids. How do they fit it all in a 16 bit cartridge?

Overall 7.0 out of 10

A great game for gamers who want to get into RPG's and those who want the most out of their money. And when you get the most out of your money you're happy, right?

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