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Final Fantasy 3

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Reviewed by Brad McDonald Final Fantasy 3 in the United States it Japan's Final Fantasy 6. The player follows the adventures of the lead character Terra, a half human and half Esper. The humans and the Espers (beings with great magical powers) used to live together, until a war of technology and magic raged between the Espers and the humans. Some of the humans wanted the power of the Espers to be theirs, and would stop at nothing to accomplish that task.

Graphics 4.8 out of 5

The graphics for this game are really great! The graphics for the attacking of the characters and the monsters during monster battles are great, the graphics for the spells are great, and the boss battles are also great. The Final boss battles (s) are truly a work of art. What other game has a final boss battle which has that much detail, takes anywhere nearly as long, and is just fun to watch?

Music and Sound 5 out of 5

Final Fantasy 3 has the best music that I have ever heard from a Super Nintendo game. I bought the soundtrack to the game entitled, "Kefka's Domain". It is a 3 CD soundtrack, and all of it's GREAT!!! The Final boss battle (s) theme (s) is approximately over 7 minutes long! All of the characters (about 12 or more) have their own theme songs, there is an opera theme (2 of them), and the ending music was also exceptionally written. Also, the Chocobos make another "Cameo" appearance, with even better sounds and music! This time, the music has been "spiced up" a little bit, seen by the title of the Chocobo theme song on the CD, "Techno De Chocobo".

Game Challenge 5 out of 5

Final Fantasy 3 is one of the longest to play role playing games which came out for the Super Nintendo. It also has many secrets to find out. ie. There is a place in the game where it is possible to acquire enough experience to get all of your characters to become level 99 without you having to constantly be by the television playing it. There is a hidden character named Gogo and the hardest enemy to fight isn't the final boss, it's an invisible enemy hidden somewhere (you didn't expect me to tell you where did you).

Game Play-Fun 5 out of 5

Final Fantasy 3 was really a great game to play, a must for role playing game fanatics. There are a wide variety of spells, attacks, items, and armored weapon attacks (yes, you hear me right, during a couple parts of the game, you fight within machines which can perform special attacks of their own). Each character has his or her own special skill which you will need to use in order to go through the game with the satisfaction of fully completing it. There are so many hidden items and and equipment in the game, that it takes a while to find and acquire them all and I congratulate anyone who finds all of the secrets without help from a guide (etc...) and while completing the game in under 30 hours.


There were no real frustrations with the game, with the exception of the difficulty in finding the hidden invisible boss, the hidden items which make all of your spells cost 1 Magic Point to cast, and the finding out of what to do with the cursed equipment. (Which makes it change into an armor which gives you the opportunity to learn a spell which the main character Terra would otherwise only learn around level 98)

Replayability 5 out of 5

The great game playing and storyline of Final Fantasy 3 make it a game which no one would have any problems with playing it again and again. The game may not change from one playing to the next, but the fun and enjoyment doesn't decrease any either. The time spent on the game isn't wasted!!!

Game Value 6 out of 5

No, that isn't a typo, it is really a 6 out of 5. Final Fantasy 3 was put together so well, that it is the only game that I can think of which deserves a rating above all other games. The game is a definite play for anyone who likes role playing games, and/or for those who are just getting into them!

Overall 5.2 out of 5

Overall, Final Fantasy 3 gets a rating of 5.2 out of 5 from me, because there was not really any part of the game which could use any improvement, only minor things every now and then, but nothing for anyone to worry about. Congratulations to Nintendo and Squaresoft for continuing a great series of games with another exceptional game!!!!!

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