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Final Fantasy 3

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Reviewed by Banjo This has to be the best game of all time. The music, the story, the gameplay, everything, it's just the best. Sure Zelda 64 had the best graphics, Twisted Metal III boasted CD quality sound, ('s a CD) but that's not all that matters. Final Fantasy 3 has an immense story, completely non-linear. You will actually feel the emotions of the characters, between the beautifully written dialog and the superb orchestral music. This game really had no design flaws. It's only problem is a couple of glitches, and even those can be considered "good". One more thing. Notice my overall score. You'll see when you look at it.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics are awesome, especially for the time this game came out. The sprites are a bit...stange looking sometimes, but usually I'd rather meet the sprite face-to-face than the drawing of the character. Anyway, the graphic are pretty good. Why did I give it a perfect score on graphics?

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music is undescribable good. The closest terms I can find are powerful, superb, excellent, amazing...etc. The sound is good to. If you're not even looking at the screen and someone casts a fire spell, you'll know it. Back to the music. I'll try to make this somewhat short, because I could go on forever on this subject. The music is written in a way that it sets the mood perfectly. From the sad theme of Terra to the ominous theme of the dreaded Atma Weapon, the music is amazing. I bought the soundtrack, which is like ten times better than music off the game itself cause it's a CD and I have awesome headphones, and I listened to it for days straight, never letting my CD player out of my sight. Just to give you an idea of how much music there is, the complete score of Locke's Theme, one of the shorter songs, is somewhere around 30 pages. It's about 3 minutes long too. The ending theme is 30 minutes long. The Soundtrack, which is called Kefka's Domain, (forgot to say that earlier) is three CDs, and each CD contains about 20 songs.

Game Challenge 10 out of 10

You have to build you levels, and build them evenly, to ever win. You have to get many items, save and find characters, defeat many awesome looking bosses, basically you have to do just about anything you could think of in this game.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

From betting at the colosseum to bidding at the auction house to performing in an opera, this game is one of the funniest games ever. You can save or not save characters, find or not find characters, and do things in ANY order you want just about. In other words, if you just can't beat the MagiMaster, you can go find out a bit more about Cyan or visit the Ancient Castle. This is a very fun game.


This game can be very frustrating. You just have to remember to build you levels. Also, as I mentioned before, this game is non-linear, so if you're stuck in one spot, you usually have about 5 other options. You usually won't be so frustrated that you turn it off.

Replayability 10 out of 10

There's so many items and sid-quests that this game will keep you busy for awhile. Take Cyan's dream, for example. You don't have to do that part, but you learn so much you can't resist. You also get to see Locke's girlfriend die, but you don't have to. I think that part is pretty sad, but the music there, as in the whole game, sets the mood perfectly and it is awesome.

Game Value $40 out of $200

40 is what I bought it for. $200 is what I would have gladly paid. I would have paid even more for the soundtrack, but that's another story. Basically what I'm trying to say is that whatever you pay for this game, it WILL be worth it.

Overall 10 out of 10

I've said just about all I can about this game, so in closing I will say, if you see the game, buy it. If you see the soundtrack, DEFINITELY BUY IT!!!!

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