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Final Fantasy 2

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Reviewed by Dingo Jellybean Well as you all know that 3 out of 7 games of Final Fantasy series was released in the U.S. and apparently we got the easy version thus having this game 55% easier, with 50% less enemies and weapons, 55% lesser spells and storyline, along with other things. This was the 5th game released in Japan while this is the second game released in the U.S. This was suppoesd to be a game for people new to the RPG genre but it was so good that even the expert had a lot of trouble with the easy version. In my opinion this is the best game I ever played even 10 times as better than any other arcade game out there in the malls. All Final Fantasy games are favorites in my opinion even the first one for the NES was big and it was the best game for that system as well. I haven't tried Final Fantasy 8 or Final Fantasy Tactics. I tried Final Fantasy 7 and it was also a well made game but enough with that now lets get on to the review.

Graphics 92 out of 100

Well I know people won't agree on me with this one because they are weak when compared to some games but this was one of the first 30 games released for the Super NES. So technology wasn't as high as it was in 1995 when Donkey Kong Country was released. They graphics are good enough to tell whether its Forest or Plain. The castles are the best part because there's so much detail it actually expands the area of the place thus helping you expand your imagination. (Just buy the game you'll know what I mean)

Music and Sound score: 100 out of 100

Well what can I say. This game has the best music in the Super NES system because it matches the mood of each scene whether its triumph or tragedy. The music doesn't even get annoying one bit it just sticks with you, then you just want to hear it all over again. The music is so good you can call it a connotation because you just can't describe it. So much orchestra has gone into this game (not to mention the first one for the NES) it'll just amaze you.

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

This game is just way too challenging even if it is the easy version. Looking for things in this game is fairly easy but the bosses and enemies can be very frustrating because they will always be stronger than you. You have to read the words during each storyline very carefully to know where to next because they only come around once depending if you saved it or not. The Final boss has just way too much life because he has 105,000 HP while you have 5 party members having only one that can reach over 9,000 and another over 8,000 while the others go under 7,000 HP. You'll always be fighting enemies stronger than you every step of the way once your in somewhere new. You can't save on every spot while inside long caves making them rare in those areas. Earning experience and gold is just too darn hard because you end up forgetting to save because you're caught up in the suspense of it. The spells in the game are too damaging against your opponents not to mention the opponents don't have them too. You can sometimes travel farther in the game then your suppose too but not often thus fighting stronger enemies far stronger than you are. You lose a lot of gold when you run depending on the strength of your enemies so the more stronger your enemies the a lot more gold you lose. I like this idea but it always gets me because I end up not having enough for certain weapons.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

This is the funniest game anyone will come around to because its gets bigger every step of the way. The storyline is just spectacular and the plots and twist of every move you make gets more mysterious until the end. Even the littlest things in the game reveal big secrets. The storymode is automatic so when you walk in somewhere the story takes place. Sometimes you are forced to fight strong bosses during storymode and end up losing. But that's what makes it fun the Challenge.

Frustration 100

A very frustrating game because you're just so weak against everybody forcing you to fight more enemies to get stronger making the game a lot more longer. Sometimes you end up using a spell on the opponent when they have already cast "WALL" and that ends up killing your members as well as yourself forcing you to start your very long journey and storyline all over again.

Replayability 80 out of 100

Well the worst part of the game is still one of the best. Playing this game over again is just a little boring because you already know what happens but on the bright side you want to beat your old time and you want to make new decisions on some moves you couldn't make before.

Game Value

This game just has so much setimental value that you won't even give it up for a million dollars. This game even opens people up a little on the personality side that they won't give it up. This game is just great and sometimes I just stare at it and I just want to shake the hands of the designers.

Overall 100 out of 100

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