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Earthworm Jim 2

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Reviewed by David Ruocco The worm has returned. And heís brought his whip and his madcap antics with him. Earthworm Jim 2 is one of the best platform games ever to grace a console. Incredibly, Shiny have improved on the first game by offering more variety and loads more laughs. Some of the more bizarre antics Jim gets up to include carrying cows to a milking shed, pushing pigs down slides and catching falling puppies with a cushion. Jimís got a new slimy pal in this game called Snot. Snot can transform himself into a green parachute or a slippery rope for Jim to perform a Tarzan impression. Jimís weapons include the old faithful plasma gun, homing missiles, and a smart bomb that clears the room and leaves Jim on the ground scratching his head in bewilderment. The first level is very similar to those seen in the first game, but afterwards thereís plenty of variety to keep your interest. One level has Jim blasting his way through rocks in a subterranean world, while another has Jim inhaling gas to inflate his head and float around the level. For even more variety, thereís a level where you control a flying salamander, manoeuvring it carefully around a cave-like maze. Another level is an arcade shoot-Ďem-up in the style of Zaxxon. There are few games that make you laugh out loud, but Jimís antics are downright hilarious. The animation of Jim is superb and itís coupled with funny speech and great music. Earthworm Jim 2 is a huge game that is packed with originality and bags of laughs. Rush to the shops and make sure youíre the early bird....

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