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Reviewed by TX EarthBound is an innovative RPG for the Super NES. Most RPGs relate to science fiction and the such. And the hero is either a mighty warrior, a fearless sorcerer, a robot, etc. In EarthBound, the game starts in present day, and the hero is a 13 year old boy with unusual psychic powers. It's almost realistic. The game has wacky and wild characters and enemies, and has an excellent plot: An evil alien entity is trying to dominate the universe from 10 years into the future. Then, in the town of Onett, a meteor crashes, carrying a bee from the future, who will help you start your adventure. It's fun, humorous, innovative, and it has terrific background music.

Graphics 95 out of 100

The graphics are okay in general. But, games like Killer Instinct make the graphics look ancient. However, when in a battle, the graphics are a quantum leap beyond any of other Super Nintendo game's. The background is an awesome mix of color. It's really fun to take a minute to watch the colors swirl and contrast and the such. Also, the effect from a PSI (psychic attack) is truly cool. Casting something like Starstorm Omega will display an awesome light show and give your eyes something to glance at.

Music and Sound 100 out of 100

The music has it all. Good sounds, good rhythm, everything. The music can provide a brief moment of blissful meditation. These tunes are catchy and, IMHO, can easily match the sounds of Final Fantasy 7, which has impeccable music. The game even has it's own musical group, the Runaway Five, which will provide some humor and funny music.

Game Challenge 110 out of 100

This game is incredibly long and challenging, a guaranteed 40+ hours of gameplay the first time you try it. It's so hard, if you buy the gamepak, Nintendo will include a free players guide with the pak. But if you take time to build your levels in Onett/ Giant Step early in the game, you'll get a head start and you'll really thrash later.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

The game play is unreal. A simple controller to use makes it even better. The game is fun and will keep you hooked for hours. Every 1.5 hours, your "dad" calls you on the phone and asks if you would like to take a break. Cranky Kong would be proud.


Every game has it's ups and downs. This game can be terribly frustrating when you are low on money, can't beat a boss, or are hopelessly lost and don't know what to do. Otherwise, it's OK.

Replayability 85 out of 100

The only problem with this game is when once you've beat it, that's it. There are no subquests, and there's not much you can do differently. Unfortunately, it's a big downfall. After some players conquer EarthBound, they never play it again...

Game Value 90 out of 100

It's defiantly worth the price to buy Earthbound, new or used. But I personally think that video games in general are too expensive. Before you blow off your money, try to find other places that sell it at a lower price. The original price is $70...

Overall 98 out of 100

I would highly recommend this awesome game for anybody who likes RPGs.

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