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Reviewed by SS5Goten Earthbound is an RPG featuring kids with supernatural powers trying to save the world from a monster named Giygas. They have to go looking for each other.You have to beat little monsters to get to the bad guy. Once you beat one you get a song on your sound stone. Once you have all the songs you can beat Giygas. This game is better than other RPGs because it has kids rather than adults.

Graphics 95 out of 100

The graphics in this game are great! It doesn't have every building looking like each other like in Zelda (not 64).the thing that keeps it from getting a 100 is that it sometimes messes up. The backgrounds in the background are really cool. Like in the dream you can tell what kind of bad guys loaded dice tries to call. The characters are designed really good. Also when a special attack is going on it has really cool graphics.

Music and Sound 100 out of 100

The music and sound are great.It changes when the mood. Like if your in a city that has sun light it sounds soothing. But when you are in a cave or three, then the music is spooky. The sound is really good. When your in a battle it really sounds good. When you do an attack it has a little pow. But when you do a smash attack it has a big THUMP. When your in the dream sometimes the squish squash really is disturbing but i don't think that matters. It just tells you they spent time getting the really good.

Game Challenge 98 out of 100

The game is really hard and long. Some of the bad guys are hard but some are easy. It`s really long and you usually die when your on your first try playing somebody. Sometimes you get lucky and beat them your first try. Then when your at giygas then so long sucker your dead your first try just go on and fight a lot of other little guys. You'll need a lot of training before you try him.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

The game play is fun!It's fun because you get to go in a arcade, a Dept. Store, hotel, a pizza store, peoples houses, and hospitals. Once you have a lot of money (cha-ching), and food you can fight guys and people.


The game is pretty frustrating. You get mad when you hear the noise mess up and just have a beep. That is very rare but it does happen to every game. When you fight a bad guy that is too hard then you get really frustrating. There are some frustrating bad guys that you just cant beat. When you fight them you just get mad and sometimes turn off the game.

Replayability 100 out of 100

The replayability is really good because once you beat the game you forget about the beginning and it never gets more boring. When you start over you just say oh yeah I forgot about that! So you just do it over and over again. When you do that you just say oh yeah I remember that! Throughout the game you just say that over and over again when you get to a part you forgot.

Game Value 100 out of 100

The value of the game was good because i bought it for $5.00! That included everything even the book, the scratch and sniff cards,and the game. We bought it at best buy and it really was the best buy we could have. Other people bought it for 20.00 but we got it for 5.00! One day I went to this store and I saw it for like 30.00, so I know we got it at a good bargain.

Overall 100 out of 100

Overall it is a really good game. With that it is my favorite Super NES game of all time! It was a good price and good everything. That's why I give it a 100 overall. Its the best game!

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