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Reviewed by Ed Kane Earthbound is an RPG game which means Role Playing Game. The object of the game is to find all your friends and defeat the evil bad guy Gyyagiys. Their names are Paula, Jeff, and Poo. You'll get some help from people like your dad. He keep your records and might even give you a little money when you call him on the phone also apple kid his your friend. Even though he's poor still give him the $200. Another friend is Pokey but don't trust him to long cause then he'll go on the side of evil with Gyyagiys. you first star in the little town of Onett. Fist you start fighting pogo punks and then its on to worthless protoplasms and then you know it that you not in Onett anymore but your in your own dream. I forgot to menchin that your name is really Ness but hey you get to make up your name anyway and you also have to collect melodys from once you beat a big bad guys in a sound stone.

Graphics C+

For once in the fighting screen you never actually see you or the enemy fighting it just says you take out ### hits. But some of the graphics are cool like the cars and the People you can talk to. Really like Tessie the monster in Winters. The bad guys look cool sort of when your not fighting them like the Farm zombie and the strong alligator. When you talk to people it never shows your mouth move it just shows Ness or his friends not smiling.

Music and Sound C

Some of the music is cool. There is a big variety of music. When your in a cave there might be a loud type of music if there are lots of enemies in it or there might be a quiet sound if that room are cave is empty. Lots of times there is a weird sound as if a bee is flying near you like when the meoteorite crashed in Onett. Some times there is a sound that keeps on getting bigger then it gets quiet.

Game Challenge 1 out of 1

The biggest challenge in the game is fighting Gyyagys. First Pokey will come along and start to talk and then Gyyagys will unmask himself and then Pokey will run away then you start fighting him but watch out he can do everything you can do and first use the shield killer and destroy his shield then you use Paula's strongest shield on everyone. Then use a lot of multi bottle rockets on him. Hurt him enough and then Pokey will come Back. Don't worry about hurting him. Have Paula use psi Freeze on Pokey. If you hurt Pokey enough He'll finally say 'Just think of me as just running away then he'll run away then start to pray. If you do Paul's pray enough Gyyagys will finally be destroyed.

Game Play-Fun A

EarthBound is great. Fun things in it is like going to the stores and fighting enemies and watching the music shows that the Runaway Five do. If your lucky you can get in the theater and catch a show with the Runaway Five with Venis in it or you can find here singing alone and if you talk to here she might even give you an autograph hey I got one on a banana peel once. The only weapon I needed to have all the strong weapons was Jeff's best weapon but I beat Gyyagys without it. I like going in to the mazes in it like BrickRoads in Winters


I get Frustrated when I'm fighting an enemy. I'm thinking that the enemy that I'm Fighting is going to do a SMASH!!! on me so I always try to use a shield. I normally am shaking and I have goosebumps when I play a strong enemy and I have a low life but mostly I can easily beat a bad guy

Replayability A

You get to play as much as you want it will show you in a weird place and it will ask you if you want to play again and if you say yes it will take you back to were you last saved at and you will have all the exp. you got before you died even though you did'nt save with it

Overall B

Have fun Trying to beet it. First when you get to the last bad guy be sure you have allot of Multi bottle rockets Or else bring a powerfull weapon like the gusty bat and eqiup it for ness oh when you get to were the starmen supers are fight alot of then and get some exp. points and if you fight a certain one he'll have a present with a sword of kings in it eqiup it for poos weapon.

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