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Reviewed by Adrian Sandoval Through out the years since the game Dragon Warrior, I have been given RPG after RPG to try. Now when you think "RPG" You usually think a game with mystical dragons, elves and sword duels. Not anymore. It was about the year 1992 when I first heard about Mother, a game to be an RPG with more of a present day look, but sadly, it never came to America. Now Mr. Shigesto Itoi releases the sequel and for the first time, people had a taste at what could have been here. Needless to say, THIS RPG RULES. I have been playing RPGs for a long time and I am glad to take a break from the usual aspects of an RPG.

Graphics 35 out of 100

I love the game but the graphics just plain stink. This game was released in 1995 but the graphics are remiscent to when the SNES first came out. The cartoony Saturday morning cartoon look just does not become the SNES anymore. That's a fact. But still, there are the good sides like the bright colors to cheer up your days. This is the one thing I would have changed about Earthbound.

Music and Sound 95 out of 100

This music rocks. We are talking what every RPG needs, Music with a feeling. From sad music all the way to an upbeat New Age Retro Hippie type of music, you will hear it all. The Trumpets blaring in Saturn valley, to the feel of the music when Paula is not at PoleStar Preschool. And the sound is the best I have heard. When you go up the stairs, you hear every foot step, and for every door opening and closing you hear it. The crack of the bat on an enemy sends shivers up your spine it sounds so real! Buy the sound track to this, you'll be glad you did.

Game Challenge 100 out of 100

Ok, a lot of you people are thinking out there "What the heck is he talking about? This game was as easy as pie!" I do know that most people say its easy, But I am reviewing it on a balance. Enemies are averagely hard, the game is 40 hours long, which is average for most RPGs and the last boss will take you a few months if you don't know what your doing. This game deserved the perfect score.

Game Play-Fun 100 out of 100

I will say it now, most people don't rate the fun in RPGs anymore. All it is now is storyline and music. This game is the most Fun RPG out of any of them I played. The music from the runaway 5 is fun, the humor is fun and every thing else in this game is just plain fun. If you don't have fun fighting a New Age Retro Hippie, you have problems. I am assured of that.


The only part I am frustrated about this game is that Mother was never released. At least I hear rumor of it coming to the Game Boy Color this fall. I sure hope so. I feel so incomplete with out knowing the full storyline.

Replayability 75 out of 100

This factor actually depends the kind of person you are. If you get bored doing the same thing over again, you will hate this, if you just had fun playing the first time around and want to do it again, You are going to love this game to death. I just love going across the worlds of Earthbound, just to see some old friends again.

Game Value 100 out of 100

When I bought this game, it was a whopping $79.99 to get. It was worth every penny, I tell you that now. This game was fun just seeing all the wired sites, wondrous people and magnificent worlds of Earthbound. Today you see it in Best Buy for only $10.00. That is an outrage because such a good game should be what Final Fantasy 3 is worth Pre-owned. Believe me, you will love this game, whether for just it being a game or being a hard-core RPG fan just as myself.

Creativity 100 out of 100

Believe me, Mr. Itoi must of had some spark of imagination when he thought up this game. (Maybe Mr. Miyamoto is contagous? :]) If you don't think a game with a modern setting, a blue cow, new age retro hippies, two inventors with fruits for heads, a hip Blues Brother's Type ban, flying saucers, a big who takes a dump in the desert, Zombies, a Slimy little pile, a man who is half Dungeon, A professor who wants a girls autograph on an eraser, and a last boss who is so powerful, It destroyed his own mind 'Creative' Than you need to check in with the mental ward.

Humor 100 out of 100

Humor comes in many shapes or forms. In the world of Earthbound, humor comes around every corner. Example: You knock on a guy's door, and he ask you to name this beetles song: XXXterday, and ask you if you can fill in the blanks, and you get the choice of yes or no, he adds YES to the blanks if you say you can answer it, and NO to the blanks if you can't. That kind of humor is sprawled across Earthbound. Heck, I even saw a blue cow!

Overall 98 out of 100

This game rocks. If your a beginner or you have played RPGs as long as me, you will love this game. This is the alternative to RPGers who want something different. The world of earthbound is the best alternative to the world of Earth.

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