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Donkey Kong Country

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Reviewed by Yoshi Guy This game has truly some of the best qualities over any future gaming product in the world! The graphics, the sounds, the backgrounds, the color and overall feel are spectacular! The gameplay is what I especially love about this game. It makes you almost like roll along at a semi fast paced speed and go on an adventure! The storyline is as much original as the game itself and provides a kind of atmosphere for the game to take place kind of like in drama. As soon as you let go and start speeding along you find yourself thinking only one thing: Survival! Survival of being eaten alive by a giant alligator or being trounced by a rhino! Kong must kill reptiles and mammals on a mad quest to rescue his hoard of bananas from the evil King K. Rool, and along the way faces death defying challenges, humongous bosses and a little cranky advice from his great grandpa, the original Donkey Kong!

Graphics 9.9 out of 10

The most satisfying graphics I've ever seen in a video game! They are crystal clear, and give 3 dimension to what otherwise would be known as a 2D game. They are surprisingly rich with a great deal of life and a style all it's own.

Story 9.8 out of 10

Great storyline! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and was involved in it all the way through! I particularly liked cranky who was funny, yet sincere about his past time adventures as the original Donkey Kong.

Gameplay 10 out of 10

This is where it shines! The smooth rapidly fast gameplay gives an experience any gamer will never forget. This is what makes companies like rare want to make a sequel and an entirely new series for Game Boy! Get Super Game Boy and Donkey Kong Land I guarantee you'll love it as much as the one your playing right now!

Game Value/Replay 10 out of 10

This game has such good replay value, you won't ever out it down again! It requires you to get 101% of the game completed to see the real ending. Even then it is so fun to play the levels you've beaten again and discover secrets.

Challenge 9.6 out of 10

This game has much challenge! It will keep your heart racing up until the last minute. I played this game in a time contest and thought I had it made! But it surprised me! This game has a lot more challenge than you might take it for, so beware!

Overall 9.9 out of 10

This game is the best. The only game that might become better than the Donkey Kong Country games is maybe..well..see Donkey Kong Country 64? Well we'll just have to wait and see.

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