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Donkey Kong Country

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Reviewed by Princess Zelda I'm Princess Zelda, and this is my DKC1 review. I personally think that Donkey Kong Country is a pretty fun game. It has a slightly pointless plot, but it is still pretty cool, despite all its faults.

Graphics 5 out of 10

The graphics have good background, smooth movement, and cute little random stuff that happens. The speed is good, and I think that even though the animals look kinda cartoony, it is still not bad for all that. The lighting and shadow effects are rather realistic, and the enemy sprites look really cool. On the other hand, graphics can also occasionally be a little glitchy. Good examples of this would be when you have Diddy in the lead and Donkey behind, walk at normal speed, then stop. Sometimes Diddy's animation will stop, but Donkey will look like he is walking in place. Also, when you get Rambi in the very first level of the game, when you approach the exit, go slow. It looks like Rambi goes in front of the exit rock formation, then "snaps" back behind it.

Music and Sound 7.5 out of 10

The music has good rhythm and beat, and is always appropriate to the graphics that you are seeing. The Music Test is also interesting if you get tired of the same old music when you are selecting which file to play. The sound effects are also pretty good. They give you sort of a "warning" that an enemy is coming. Watch Out! I think that the monkey sounds are also pretty good. So is the "swim" noise.

Game Challenge 8 out of 10

Some of the levels are HARD!!! I think that Squaresoft overdid it just a tiny bit with the difficulty level. Sometimes the characters can't move fast enough to get out of the way or jump. This is especially true in some of the water levels. The final boss is also hard. It is practically impossible to avoid the 3rd set of cannonballs that he drops at you. Again, your sprites can't move fast enough.

Game Play-Fun 9.9 out of 10

This game is FUN! The only part that is not fun is when you get killed over. And over. And over. And OVER!!! But the good part is that everything in this game follows at least 1 predictable pattern that you can pick up on, so it is not easy to stay mad at this game for long. It is also good because it is quite easy to pick up extra lives, so it is also not easy to get Game Over rapidly.


This game is not really that frustrating, so there is not much to put in this section of the review. Some of the levels are maddening because they have too many enemies, the enemies are too fast, or the level is just too dang hard!

Replayability 11 out of 10

This game is Very replayable! You can beat the game, and still want to play it again to find that 5 percent(or however many) that you missed the first time. Even when you have found every single bonus level, it is still a lot of fun to play!

Game Value 11 out of 10

I bought this game for about $20 at a pawn shop, and I consider it to be worth every cent I paid, and more! It has paid for itself in hours of fun. It is a great game, and NOA probably made a mint off of it. It is one of the best games of its year.

Overall 12 out of 10

Donkey Kong Country is one of the greatest games ever made for the SNES. It is very popular-hey, there are a DKC TV show, and CRAZY but true, Brach's has a Donkey Kong Country GUMMI SNACK! They taste pretty good, but the concept is silly. This game is overall VERY COOL!

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