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Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

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Reviewed by Yoshi Guy OK. This one just 1 word comes to mind: Better. That's all better. What I mean by that is everything the original had is now new and better. This time the challenge is higher, the fun is truer, the graphics are nicer, the storyline is hotter and cranky is well.."crankier". Let me allow to explain the new and the better a little bit more. This one is in no way a copy of the first. In fact it's basically a new game. The animal friends that helped you before now have different moves, special powers, strengths and weaknesses and yes this time squawks can really fly. But the newest level in enhancement has been the addition of Kremcoins and bonus tokens. It isn't free anymore to get some advice or save or even fly roundtrip airfare just like in real life. But how do you get them? Allow me to explain. Kremcoins are pretty much scattered everywhere across the levels, but getting them is in no way going to be easy. The challenge is much harder, and the new enemies and creatures you meet our a lot tougher on this strange new Island. Strange new Island?!? I thought there was only Donkey Kong Island? Well don't throw a hissy fit, allow me to explain: King K. Rool was thrown off his ship and died and that's the end right? No way. That fish floating sap managed to escape back to his Island Crocodile Isle. Now that your on his island he's known as the dastardly pirate Captain K. Rool and is back to his old tricks again by appenaping Donkey Kong! So now it's up to Diddy (the new star) and Dixie (sister and new sidekick) to rescue that big ape from the clutches of that nasty villain! You'll start in crocodile cove on the stern of a pirate ship, and make your way through this awful home island of the scourge of the seven seas over more levels than the original, and more challenges than ever before! Your now on a treasure hunt to save donkey and hopefully get a name and reputable plaque for doing so.

Graphics 10 out of 10

The graphics are now top brand with newer levels and landscape that requires the use of better graphics. The new scenery will literally put you in a trance in this all new island. You'll face swarms of enemies and creatures in a place you are not welcome and come face to face with some really nasty home dwellers! The worlds give more vitality and picture than ever before possible that you'll just have to see to believe!

Music and Sound 10 out of 10

The music is a lot more exhilarating and fun than you've seen. Some places are really scary and some are really eerie and creepy. There's much more of a treasure hunting aspect in the music than before since essentially you are on a pirate's island! The sounds are great and more distinguishable, like when you find a coin or a hidden DK coin you will here a sound, and it will become the number on your screen!

Game Challenge 9.9 out of 10

The challenge is truly greater than the original with a lot more enemies and a lot more levels which makes a lot more secrets! The one who would master controlling Dixie has an upper hand since her helicopter spin will actually save your life more often than you think! The enemies now have attack patterns and strategies to get you killed and their are a lot more swarming the levels.

Game Play-Fun 10 out of 10

You will truly have fun with this game a lot more! Especially on the lost world levels! Just wait until you get to play those!

Replayability 10 out of 10

Let me get you straight on something. This game has a lot more secrets, tricks and bonuses than the named original. They vary from DK coins scattered through out the many levels of which you must collect to truly prove your worth to cranky Kong. The bonus rounds give you tokens and points towards finishing the 103% Which is required to get the true ending. To do this you must uncover the Indiana Jones/Stargate type Lost World legend that was buried under the island ages ago by the ancestors, and destroy the islands source of power! Kremkoins can be given to a bodyguard every now and than to gain access to one of the secret levels. I won't tell you what happens when you do this, but I guarantee you'll love it!

Game Value 103 out of 100

Very great game. I like Donkey Kong Land 2 though just as much.

Overall 10 out of 10

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