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Dirt Trax FX

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Reviewed by Kenny Flynn Hello, everybody!! It's me, Kenny Flynn again!! This time with Dirt Trax FX, one of the dirt bike games on the market. No matter what system you're talking about, Dirt Trax FX is a classic from the time it came out. Now, on with the show.

Graphics 3 out of 5

The graphics could have been a little more full. The graphics on this game were polygons with an attitude. The game was so exciting that I rented it 17 times before I actually had the money to buy it. The detail on the bikers was pretty good, but the individuality of the bikers to choose from was what helped out.

Music and Sound 3 out of 5

The sound helped the gameplay out majority! Whenever the first position changed, so did the music, which means that each biker has their own music. This might not seem important, but it actually tells you who is in first and who you're contending with. The sound effects were great! It made you feel like you were actually in the stadium. It made me feel like I was racing with Jeremy McGrath or Ezra Lusk.

Game Challenge 2 out of 5

The game was just flat-out easy. The competition was over-powered very indefinitely, even though they were right behind. This made you THINK that you were going to get beat. Which actually made you race more efficiently. And making you race more efficiently helps along your gameplay.

Game Play-Fun 1 out of 5

After playing this game over and over, you want to stop because the gameplay is so repetitive. Every time you are chased by one racer time and time again. Also, it actually isn't that fun from the start, even though it is more fun than the other dirt bike games. It has great potential the longer you play, if you get that far. Some of the tracks pose the greatest challenge, because you can go backwards and get lost. But, the only way to get lost is to just be plain dumb.


A major frustration is that during the game, if you go to the wall and stay with it, your bike starts to climb it. Another problem was the price when it first came out. I mean who's going to pay $63 for a Super NES game that isn't that good?

Replayability 1 out of 5

The reason for the bad rating is that the game is the same every time: being chased by the same rider and following the same set course and program every time. Some people argue that the replay is high by saying that the tracks keep getting harder with bigger bikes, but it doesn't. As you progress into bigger bikes, you can get away with bigger short-cuts and making the track easier.

Game Value 1 out of 5

Definitely not worth the price. At $63 first out, it is way too expensive. I waited for about 2 years before I bought it, and I only paid $5 for it. And even at that price, it was a bargain, being the best dirt-bike game out.

Overall 2 out of 5

Overall, this game scored a lot higher than any of the other dirt-bike games out on the market. The fun-factor and everything else is a lot better than any other dirt-bike games out.

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